Thursday, August 6, 2015

First Impressions Matter!

What Kind Of Impression Do Your Signs Make?

Whether we like it or not, we all develop "first impressions" about lots of things, people and places. On the one hand we are taught not to judge, and on the other hand, first impressions help our thought processes and decision-making.

Let's be honest here, we all do it...which brings me to some questions. What kind of first impression(s) run through your mind when you see a shoddy, worn-out sign? Are you annoyed if a wayfinding sign doesn't show you the way? Or what about a business sign(s)? The letters are faded, the logo is tired and the message is uninspired. Is the business or store that supports this sign motivating you to go in to conduct business? 

If you had an identical menu being offered by two restaurants right next to each other, and one had a bright, fresh, colorful sign and the other featured a peeling and weathered sign,which one would influence your selection? What kind of message (first impression) went through your mind when you looked at the sad, shabby sign?

The truth is that consumers are influenced by the marketing and branding presentation that they see. The process of making first impressions happens so quickly and unconsciously, that we don't even realize how much our purchasing behavior is influenced.

How Often Do You Evaluate Your Sign(s)?

If you are a business owner, how often do you evaluate your signage? Are you guilty of installing your signs and then giving them very little thought afterward? Your signs can have a direct correlation to the amount of business you conduct each day. Think about a sign(s) that you passed which immediately made you smile or elicited  a "Wow, that is really cool sign" response. If you can still recall that sign(s), then that business owner left a positive and lasting first impression with you.

What Is A Customer Worth To You?

As business owners, we should all strive to ensure that we are putting our best marketing foot forward. That means featuring an attractive invitation to do business in the form of our business signs. The investment to create or freshen up your sign(s) is a small price to pay when considering the cost of attracting & growing your customer database.

Vital Signs can help to evaluate your signs for any possible rescues or face-lifts which may be needed. For instance, channel letters (the large letters that light up at night on a business) can be manufactured to look one color during the day, and a different color at night. Or maybe just highlighting certain parts of your sign(s) with a high intensity vinyl which sparkles or has a 3D effect. Perhaps you would like to put some brightly colored company branding in your large storefront windows, but still need to see out the windows...Vital Signs has you covered. Exploding in popularity, perforated vinyl is an easy way to grab attention without obscuring the view outside.

We Create Effective First Impressions For Your Business!

It's really pretty easy to ensure that your business sign(s) create a great first and lasting impression, and Vital Signs knows how to make those impressions happen! To make sure that your signs are working for you around the clock....

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