Tuesday, October 10, 2017

When Sign Code Enforcement Goes Too Far


I just returned from a trip to Florida this past weekend. When watching the news one night, one of the nightly stories caught my attention. The story was about the local municipality's code enforcement officer not allowing a resident to place a sign outside. The sign was a simple "Thank You" to the local power company for their hardworking efforts at restoring power after Hurricane Irma.

Now I don't know about you, but I think a public thank you sign placed outside for a few days should not be a problem. I mean afterall, most public utilities don't receive a lot of thanks, particularly in the aftermath of such catastrophic power outages as Irma produced. The power company staff was forced to put in many overtime hours to restore power to many communities.

Kindness Begets Kindness

The sign thank you to the power company was a nice gesture on the resident's part. But the bigger message, in my opinion, was modeling a kind gesture to those residents around the community. Our society is constantly plagued with horrible news stories, terrorist attacks, oppression and more. Yet, one man's thank you had to be removed because rules are rules. So instead of sharing the message of kindness and good will, the resident was forced to remove the sign.

The Value Of The Message

How nice it would have been to see the township embrace the sign and it's sentiment and capitalize on the PR it could have brought in a positive way, instead of turning the whole event into a negative. Sometimes the message is bigger than what is written on the sign.

If you need help with your message, please call Vital Signs today. We can assist you from concept to creation and installation (at the proper site). (412) 494-3308

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

When Disaster Strikes

Signs Of Destruction

Hurricane Irma...A Picture We Will Not Forget

As the whole world watched with disbelief, first Hurricane Harvey and then Hurricane Irma gave a punishing display of wind, rain, flooding and damage that will long be felt by all of those states impacted. The huge number of homes and businesses without power is almost incomprehensible.

Sadly, some people lost their lives, while many lost their possessions. Many will ask why this catastrophic event happened to them and they will probably never have a good answer to that question. Because the answer is that our life events are often unpredictable. The best that we can do is to try to have a plan to deal with whatever circumstance we find ourselves in after a disaster has struck.

Many Lives Were Touched

Widespread Flooding

There is probably not one of us who doesn't have a friend or family member who was touched by Hurricane Harvey or Irma. As sad as it is to look at the aftermath pictures of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, there are also pictures of kindness and humanity.

Hurricane Harvey and Irma managed to make many Americans stop their political rants and remember who they are at their core. Instead of a refusal to reach across the political isle as it were, folks are reaching across flood waters and destruction to help each other. This is humbling to see no matter what the circumstances that created it.

I have read and even thought to myself about how interesting it is that so many worldwide natural disasters are happening so close together. I don't think that it is a biblical warning or punishment. I do, however think that it is a reminder to show kindness and care for one another. When we strip away our egos, our attitudes and opinions, we are all from the same human family, and as such, should do what we can to lift each other up every day, not just in the face of a disaster.

Shock and Awe


No Words Necessary

Now is the time to not only re-build structures and repair damage, it is a time to fortify our relationships with mankind. The one unwavering commonality between disasters (whether natural or man-made) like 9-11 and Hurricane Irma, are that we never forget them! We do not forget the shock, pain and loss of how they forever changed our lives. When we are tempted to fall back into our egocentric and judgemental ways, we need only to remind ourselves of what we witnessed with 9-11 or Irma. It certainly makes the political nastiness that permeates our world seem rather insignificant in the big scheme of things.

For all of you who have been touched by Hurricane Harvey or Irma, our Vital Signs family's thoughts and prayers are with you. We are hopeful that you are still able to enjoy the wonderful blessings of family, friends, pets and the kindness of others.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Yard Sign

Do They Really Help?

New Business

The answer is yes. We see them everywhere when we are driving. They are the small corrugated plastic (typically 18" X 24") signs that are perched upon an H-Shaped wire stand which is buried in the ground. They might exhibit a For Sale message or perhaps the name of a contractor who is working at someone's residence. Sometimes they are the political signs in a cluster which encourage you to vote for a certain candidate. Perhaps they are a colorful invitation to attend the local town's annual celebration. Regardless of their purpose, yard signs are used everywhere.

What Our Customers Tell Us

Event or Business Advertising

Not long after starting our business many years ago, we had a contractor who came to us to have graphics put on his truck & trailer and also ordered a handful of yard signs. This contractor had just begun his business. The project was completed and the contractor was happy with his signs. A few weeks later he stopped in to buy something else. We asked about whether his "on-the-job" signage was working? With a resounding yes, he said that he had gotten so many calls from his signs that he was booked through the remainder of the year with projects and had done no other type of advertising.

A recent customer who owns a tree-trimming company told us that he has gotten many leads from the yard signs that he places at each project where he works. 

Small Investment..Big Dividends

Service Companies
In another example, the Vital Signs owners asked one of our paint subcontractors to paint our personal residence. We reminded them to put their yard sign in the yard while they were working on the project. The contractors worked fast and did a great job on the painting. Within a day or so after the project, we received a call from one of the neighbors affiliated with the Homeowner's Association asking for the contact info of our paint contractor. The painting company, Edge Painting, received a project from that call which has resulted in yearly work from the same customer.

Residential Projects

There are various forms of advertising, most of which have a price tag (some larger than others). Some types of advertising lend themselves more towards certain types of businesses. This is true when using yard signs. Contractors and many service type businesses are able to capitalize on the use of yard signs very effectively. For a small investment of approximately $20.00 a sign and less for larger quantities, the payoff can be several times the cost of the sign(s) and may garner repeat business and other referrals from the customer(s).

Advertise Your Event

Wedding Reception Event

New Family Member

Birthday party; home party; new baby...you name it, you can use a yard sign for any event. A yard sign is one of the most economical ways to get the word out quickly about your event. Depending upon the location in which you place your sign, the traffic count can reach hundreds to thousands of people daily, which means a big bang for your buck. So if you found yourself thinking that a small yard sign can't have real impact and bring results...think again, they work!

How Can We Help You?

Okay..It's A Little Corny..But We Do Corny

Have a golf outing coming up? Or just a family celebration (Lordy Lordy, Look Who's 40), give us a call. Corny or cool, we don't care..we're happy to make any yard sign (or other signs) you need. Just give us a holla, we're waiting for your call!!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What Da Font?

Font: A font is a set of printable or displayable text characters in a specific style and size. We all know fonts by what we see and read each day. But do we give them much more thought than that? Probably not, unless your are in business and need to think about marketing your brand, or perhaps you're planning a wedding and are looking for a flowery font that depicts your wedding theme.

Mix of Wedding Invitation Fonts

Do Fonts Matter?

Details Matter!

If you find yourself asking if fonts really matter, then ask yourself do details matter? And the answer is yes, they do. Some folks may think that slapping a message onto a sign & putting it up doesn't involve (or maybe shouldn't) involve a great deal of thoughtful design. This is untrue.

All successful businesses, restaurants, franchises, department stores, boutiques, etc.., know that the style and look of a font lends a great deal to the design of their marketing and branding message.

Fonts Illicit Theme Imagery

A Distinctly Asian Font

Asian restaurants are a great example of businesses which utilize fonts in a way that visually compliments their type of restaurant fare. What about military fonts? Ever gone to a military surplus store or been a part of a military community where you might see a military sign created with a military font? The military itself often uses a stencil-type font that is easily associated with the military.

Fonts Add Meaning

A Fun Children's Clothing Store We Made A Sign For

Great sign and advertising companies realize the importance of using the right font in branding your businesses. The right font integrates with the image(s) to create the perfect message. A good font compliments the message without over-powering it.

At Vital Signs we care about your branding message and getting you the most bang for your buck. We want your message to have the imagery and font(s) which best present your business. We always look for the right font for your sign. At least one of us have what can only be described as a font-addiction and will spend hours searching for the perfect font. Seriously though, it really doesn't take us hours to find the perfect font for your sign. We will make sure that you are happy with your sign and it's branding message...fonts included!

Call VitalSigns today to see how we can help your branding message!!!

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Murals of Change

What A Difference A Splash Of Color Makes!

Colorful Mosaic Wall Mural

It's amazing what a difference a mural can make to a room. Vital Signs recently had the chance to create a mural for a study room at Seton Hill University. The building itself is very old with breath-taking wood-work throughout. So how do you upgrade an older room with a modern look? With a colorful mural of course! 

Words To Live By

The Seton Hill University Mission Statement

The talented design firm, KMA Design created a mosaic starburst of color guaranteed to transport the room into a contemporary and inviting study space. And indeed it did! With a few more contemporary additions, like the mission statement and frosted vinyl added to the transom window, the space is complete.

Frosted Vinyl On The Transom Window

We'll Have One Of Those..

The Vital Signs Owners liked the mural so much that we decided to put one in our home. We opted to re-live one of our fondest memories of visiting Venice, Italy two years ago. What a change a mural can make to a room.It transports us back to Venice every day! The best part is that the media we use to print on, can be as temporary as you want it. With a variety of easy-to-remove materials, we can peel it right off the wall without any evidence it was ever there. The medias that we use are particularly well-suited for apartments and wall surfaces that you don't want to damage with hardware.

Re-living Venice..every day!

And We'll Make One For You Too!

If you would like to transport your space, please give us a call. The Vital Signs Design team will be happy to create a one-of-a-kind focus wall to your residence or work space.

We're Waiting For Your Call!

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