Friday, September 14, 2018

It's Getting Frosty...

Frosted Vinyl Accents

Frosted Window Vinyl With A Touch Of Color

Most people have seen a frosted vinyl window, door or room divider in a business setting, but may not realize how easy it is to add frosted vinyl accents within the home.There are different reasons that one might wish to add frosted vinyl in a residential setting, such as: Decorative accents, for light diffusing purposes or safety reasons (so glass can be seen and not walked into). 

Simple Frosted Vinyl Glass Design

These days frosted vinyl decals can be purchased in craft stores or from online retailers. It is equally as easy to have a sign provider customize and install a one-of-a-kind design. The benefit of having a sign company involved in the project is that we can assist in the design planning process. Our designers can quickly identify which designs would work well in a specific setting and provide the easiest installation. Also, sign installers are experienced in installing vinyl and are less likely to have mistakes in their application of the vinyl.

Frosted Vinyl For Decoration And Privacy

Elevate Your Interior Decor

Elegant And Unique

What I love about a frosted vinyl application in the home is that it elevates the design aesthetic for a nominal investment of time and money.

Geometric Frosted Vinyl Room Divider

Looking to add a touch of elegance or whimsy to your home? Please give Vital Signs a call today. We are happy to work with you on finding the perfect design.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

And The Sign Survey Says....

What Makes A Sign Difficult To Read?

When Signs Have Problems..

Oh, yes...I see the problem!

We've all seen them, signs that just don't read correctly. The problems are usually very visibly obvious. Most sign designers would be able to identify any potential problems within the design phase or proof process before the sign is produced, but there are those exceptions.

According to the following studies, signs can have a very positive or negative effect on one's business revenue, depending upon the way that they are designed and placed.

The statistics noted were taken from the following Kellaris' study findings:

100,000 Shoppers Can't Be Wrong: Signage Communication Evidence from The BrandSpark/Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper Study (2011)

Viewing Signs through the Eyes of the Beholders: Perceptual Evidence from the American Grocery Shopper Survey (2014)

So What Is The Answer?

At the end of the day, the answer boils down to quality sign design. Consumers should rely on their sign designer to point out any problematic text or graphics. We understand that customers fall in love with a neat image or curly-cue font, but most often, those images do not translate into an easy-to-read sign.  

Are your signs suffering from any of the above problems? Vital Signs would be happy to come to your business location and take a look, just give us a call TODAY!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

When Signs Serve A Larger Purpose

Sending A Message

The Message Is Bigger Than The Sign

Signs..they are all around us. Many of them give us the whats', wheres', and hows', of wayfinding direction. Other signs identify business and service locations and all of their marketing and branding messages. For the most part, we as a culture are so used to seeing the same informational signs throughout our day, we hardly give them much thought or attention. 

A Humorous Reminder

Occasionally, we are treated to a humorous or laugh-out-loud message. These funny sign messages are typically universally enjoyable by most people who see them and even routinely shared on social media. But we are starting to see more and more billboard, moving and other types of signs which send a message intended to appeal to our 'collective conscious' heart strings.

A Call To Action

The Search For A New Kidney

Look Around..

We are starting to see them in every city..signs that are designed to appeal to our altruistic natures. There are signs that encourage us to donate blood; sad family images depicting opioid abuse. There are signs that tell us that Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter. We see alarming examples of domestic abuse in gigantic living color. We see opposing messages about the use of guns. And even recently, I came across a story about a desperately ill person who was in need of a new kidney. The gentleman named Joshua spent $1200.00 to advertise his need. He utilized a billboard, magnetic signs; business cards and even a handheld sign that he stood on the side of the road with.  Did it work? Yes it did. He was successfully matched with a woman who had seen one of his advertisements and went to get tested. Joshua followed up his efforts with a large billboard which stated in vivid bold colors, " It's A Match! " His successful transplant took place in April.

It's A Match!

Signs Work!

The Ultimate Message

We all love to hear about success stories and especially when one's life has been saved or dramatically helped by the kindness of others. There is so much ugly and hatred in our world these days, that I find it especially rewarding to see that a sign (no matter what it's size), which can serve to send a helping message. I call that meaningful marketing.

It's Our Privilege

Are you working with a non-profit or community group and considering the possibility of advertising your group's message in a purposeful way? Please give us a call or stop in to discuss it with us. We are all for helping to make the world a better place, one sign at a time.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Allow Me To Introduce...


When Magnetic Signs Won't Work On Your Car

A Fun Unistick Example

Many business owners like the option of branding their business vehicle(s) with the convenience of magnetic signage that can be easily removed when needed. But what happens when the vehicle surface(s) will not support magnetic material? Many later model vehicles are being fabricated with aluminum and plastic parts or pieces which magnetic material will not adhere to.

So What Is It?

Easily Sticks To The Car Door

Unistick is a unique peel and stick adherent that does not rely on magnets or static. For the business owner, it is an easy peel and stick solution which can be removed and re-applied hundreds of times. With it's anti-curl back coating and block-out features, Unistick is a great choice for car doors and bumper decals. Furthermore, Unistick leaves no residue and is water resistant. For businesses who rotate vehicles or their drivers, but need the ability to remove their vehicle graphics on demand, Unistick may be the perfect solution.

Have A Branding Challenge?

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Who Needs A Sign Permit?

I'll Just Put The Sign Up Without One...

When In Doubt....Just Ask Us!

Let me say this loud and clear...Do so at your own risk! Risk of what you ask? Businesses who choose to bypass the local township/city ordinances, paperwork and sign fees associated with business signage may face a fine and forced removal of the offending sign. We get's a hassle (and usually an annual hassle) of paying the township/city their fees related to one's business signage.

A Cautionary Tale

Once there was a business (or more) who opted to go online and buy a good deal on a sign while bypassing the township/city signage ordinances. The "good deal" sign still set the business owner back several hundred dollars, but the business owner rationalized the cost savings of his good friend helping him to install the sign (without the also necessary certified electrician or required electrical permit.) The sign was installed on the side of the business and looked nice, the business owner was happy...UNTIL...he received a summons to see the magistrate for illegally putting up a sign without a permit. What the business owner did not consider was that the "good deal" sign that he purchased might not even be allowable by the landlord or township at his business address, thus potentially losing the several hundred dollars that he paid for the sign and any possible fines for violating the signage ordinances and laws in his area. This tale is unfortunately a true story that plays out daily in various towns and communities. 

We Understand...

We truly understand shoestring marketing budgets, expensive signs and all of the paperwork & fees that go with them, but the cost of not following the signage ordinances as they are written, may be more costly to a business than just doing things the right way in the first place. Don't want to deal with the headaches of paperwork and permits? We can help! At Vital Signs, we pride ourselves on striving to eliminate the hassles of obtaining signage for our customers. We are happy to explain the process or take care of it for you. 

Need Information On Signage Ordinances In Your Township?

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