Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's A Sign!

A Post And Panel Sign

Time For A Bit O' Sign Lingo...

Upscale And Decorative Post And Panel  Business Identification Sign

We sign folk forget that not everyone uses the sign terms that we so easily throw around when talking to our customers and potential customers. If you're like most people, you might know that you need a sign, but may not have a good working knowledge of what sign type you need. Today, I would like to tell you about Post and Panel Signs.

What Is A Post And Panel Sign?

Post And Panel Sign Manufactured From A Frame Component System

Specifically, a Post and Panel Sign is a freestanding property identification; wayfinding or informational sign. There are various ways to fabricate this type of sign. Some materials can be pre-manufactured for P & P signs, such as extruded aluminum frames which have sign faces that attach to them.  There are also a variety of other different materials that can be used, such as wood.

Post And Panel Sign Constructed With Wooden Timber Posts

Post and Panel Sign Types & Uses:

Architectural Display Systems
Architectural Signs
Banner Frames
Banner Poles 
Monument Signs
Building Identification Signs
Campus Signs
Church & Community Reader Boards
Directory Signs
Kiosk Signs
Map Signs
Property Signs
Real Estate Signs
Resort Signs
Retail Store Signs
Slat Sign Systems
Traffic Signs
Yard Signs
Wayfinding Signs

What About The Sign Face On A Post & Panel Sign?

Post And Panel Sign With Carved Sign Face

So I have explained that the actual post(s) of a Post & Panel sign(s) can be manufactured from various materials, and the same is true for the sign face that is attached to the post(s). As with any other type of sign, understanding the exact location of the sign; length of time the sign is desired to last, as well as weather conditions and exposure, and consideration of the substrate which would be most appropriate to construct the sign face,  are all considerations in how the sign should be manufactured. Examples of different substrates include: Aluminum/Alumalite; MDO (Medium Density Overlay Board); Foam Core; HDU and LED Panels.

Is A Post And Panel Sign Right For My Location?

Large Post And Panel Sign With Gooseneck Lighting

The answer is ..let us take a look. Obviously, the business location and manner in which the business is situated will have a big impact on the sign type(s) that should be used. But there are also town/city/landlord guidelines which must be followed to ensure that your desired sign type is allowable. 

The Good News

Vital Signs Is Here To Help!

The Vital Signs Design Team is available to help you consider the material choices and sign design for your Post and Panel Sign! Call Us Today for your FREE consultation!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Year..New Review

Sign Review..That Is

A new year..the time when we make personal New Year's Resolutions with the best of intentions. Sometimes we actually follow through and other times..well not so much. Why is that? Maybe it's because those New Year's resolutions typically revolve around personal and self changes and that can prove to be the supreme challenge for many of us.

But let's talk about your signs and visual branding. Do you typically think about how your visual identity represents your business each year? If you don't, you should! It is very common to be so consumed by the day-to-day operations of running a business that one can easily overlook the need to take a signage and visual branding review of your business.

So what should be included with an annual signage review? I'm glad you asked. 

Sign & Graphics Annual Review

1.  Condition: What shape is/are your sign(s) in? Are they in poor condition and need of repair? Do they have vinyl peeling or appear weathered and worn?

2.  Impression: What type of impression does your sign(s) leave with viewers? Does it have instant impact? Is the design attractive or outdated? Is the sign(s) presenting your business at it's best? What they say about first impressions is true.

3.  Functionality: Is your sign bringing you business? Does your signage work for you 24/7?

4.  Location: Is your signage placed in the most strategic location(s) of your business? Is there another location that would provide more viewer exposure or an additional location in which you could add more signage?

5.  Material: Are you using the best material(s) for your signage? For instance, perhaps you have an old wooden post & panel sign when you could be using a newer, more attractive and eco-friendly sign system. Is your sign(s) lit to advertise your business at night?

Never Underestimate The Importance Of Your Signs..

Signs are absolutely critical to your bottom line and the healthy operation of your cash flow. Sub-par signs can serve to function like a slow leak of profitability. Of course your signage and visual graphics don't need to be replaced every year, but one should definitely do an annual review to ensure that your business signs and graphics are serving the business in the highest manner possible.

Vital Signs Can Help!

A signage and graphics review doesn't take long to do. Vital Signs is happy to send someone over to help do a walk-through and review of your visual branding and make suggestions if necessary. At Vital Signs we understand how important your visual branding is to your bottom line. Give us a call today to schedule your New Year Sign Review!!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Vital Signs!

Bet You Didn't Know..

Holiday Shopping Fun

Vital Signs has a variety of custom products suitable for gifts! It's holiday time and we have all been launched into the annual shopping frenzy. Many folks will do their shopping online and avoid the crowds of people & those annoying "can't find a space" parking lots. There is a lot to be said for that. But there is also a lot to be said for a creative, from-the-heart gift and that's where Vital Signs comes in! We can design and produce a variety of personalized gifts for your favorite friends & family. Take a look: 
"Coming Home" - A Vital Signs Original Design

Custom Art & Canvas 

Cuteness On Canvas

You can bring in your digital artfile (or we can find one for you) for us to produce in a variety of ways. Prefer a poster? Or perhaps you would like a print stretched on canvas? Need a picture or image that can be placed on the wall without hardware? We have the perfect media for you.

How About A Mural or Focal Wall?

Unique And Cool Family Tree

Yes, we can create your one-of-a-kind wall. Looking to update a room or utilize a beautiful picture you took on vacation? We can take care of it for you. 

A Touch of Paris

Got A Hard-To-Buy-For Teenager?

Very COOL...But REMOVABLE Graffiti!

We have the perfect solution. Why not let your kid(s) customize his or her room with a teen-driven (parent approved) room design sure to calm the savage teenager. 

Holiday Stand-Up

A Desk Top Stand-Up For Your Favorite Person

Desk top or life-sized, we can create your specific standee to your design specifications. Want to knock Grandma's socks off, surprise her with a desktop trio of the grandkids. Definitely a unique & appreciated gift which is sure to please.

Marquee Sign 

Marquee Signs And Letters Customized To Your Specifications!

Let Us Know What You Want On Your Marquee Sign

Funky and fun, or the perfect compliment to a room theme, marquee signs are more popular than ever. Some generic marquee signs can be purchased in stores, but for the one-of-a-kind marquee, Vital Signs can design whatever you need...just give us the "word"!

Vehicle/Motorcycle Graphics

One-Of-A-Kind Helmet Wrap

Want to surprise your partner with some unique vehicle graphics or maybe even a cool helmet wrap? We have it covered (or can have it covered) with your design.

Wall Art

Cool, One-Of-A-Kind Art Decor

Clothes and tech items are popular, but creative and personalized will win every time.  We make creative gifts look easy! Let Vital Signs help design and produce some of your hard-to-shop-for folks! There's still plenty of time for us to create your custom gift(s)!

Call Us TODAY...We're Waiting For You!

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Ghost Signs..What Are They?

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

A Ghost Sign From My Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee

As a sign manufacturer we hear signs referred to in various ways. Typically, we have a customer who is trying to tell us what type of sign they need, but refer to the sign type by a wrong name. Eventually, we arrive on the same page and are able to help the customer(s).

Today, however, I came across a term (a couple in fact) that I have never heard before which referred to a "Ghost Sign". Having just highlighted some Halloween signs, I thought it might have had to do with the holiday. I was mistaken.

A Ghost Sign as defined online, was/is a sign that was/is hand-painted on the side of a building. Ghost signs were typically painted from the 1880's through the 1950's before ads could be inexpensively mass produced, installed and replaced.

If you're a baby boomer or before, then you may remember growing up around some of these bigger-than-life signs. Their quaint remnants offer us a lens into a neighborhood's past, reminding viewers about elements of commerce and life at certain points in history.

Classic Coca Cola Most Of Us Remember

Nostalgic Appeal

Gold Medal Flour

Ghost signs were never intended to be charming or picturesque, they were only intended to advertise products and services in a very conspicuous location. Some wall signs are well preserved decades after their painting. That is especially true if the wall has been protected from the elements. 

Many ghost signs were painted with lead-based paint which may also have been a factor in the slow rate of decline. Some old signs have been repainted in attempts to match the color and charm of the original sign, while others continue to fade away, one flake at a time.

What? Wall Dogs?

Back When People Could Afford A Movie At A Theater

The sign painters who painted these impressive building signs were actually referred to as: "Wall Dogs". They typically worked for one of the major sign companies in a town. It was not unusual for wall dogs to travel from town to town painting the signs on the walls. Also, it was not uncommon for a sign painter to come from a family with generations of painters who had passed down the sign painting skills. Back in those days one sign painter explained that he learned how to make paint colors by mixing the white lead, linseed oil, dryers an pigment to attain various colors. 

Yes, Please

Things change..

There are still talented sign craftsmen who paint signs, but for the most part, we only see their beautiful work on the ghost signs that still exist. When you see one of those large buildings, consider that those signs were painted by a person whether six or twenty stories off of the ground. Layout, lettering skills, font types and art skill were just a few of the factors that made a good sign person. In fact, there is an artistry to designing for signs and that creative eye is still a necessary skill for we sign folk. 

The good news is that our current day hardware and design software (with the right person(s) behind the keyboard) can replicate the comfortable nostalgia of ghost signs past. The bad news...well every township has signage ordinances which may limit a bigger-than-life message.

Eat Mush Ya'll

Vital Signs Can Capture Your Message

My Personal Favorite

On your next trip to a small town, take a look around to see if you can spot any of these memorable signs. Want to recreate a blast from the past sign for your business? It just so happens that we have some very talented sign designers on our staff who can help to execute your vision (modern or not). We may not be able to use the entire side of a building as the canvas, but we can give your sign an updated message with the design touch of an era gone by.

No Wonder We Remember These Brands

We're waiting for your call on our modern-day phone!

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Buy The Candy

It's Halloween Time

Once a year kids everywhere will excitedly put on their spooky or fun Halloween costumes to visit all of their neighbors with their sing-song chorus of " Trick or Treat ".  They will eagerly fill their bags with all of the goodies they can hold. Of course they will ingest enough sugar to cause a pseudo ADHD effect that may last for as long as the candy does. 

No Doubt About This Message

Almost as fun as watching the kids in their creative costumes are the fun and sometimes spooky over-the-top Halloween decorations. Back in the day when our kids were small, Halloween decorations were a bit more simple than they are today. I don't know if decorations have become more competitive (the way neighbors sometime compete at Christmas) or if there is just a whole lot of Halloween enthusiasm for ghoulish graphics and such. They have entire stores dedicated to just Halloween decorations and costumes.

Love This!

We Have Not Been Asked To Make These CREEPY  Restroom Signs
My Husband Already Knew This

Smile or Fear Producing?

And This..

In any event, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some Halloween signs I found online. If you need any custom Halloween signs for your home, office or party, just give us S-C-R-E-A-M!

Fun Idea

Let Trick Or Treaters See This Sign At Your Own Risk!

If Vital Signs can help with any of your special occasion signs, please give us a HOLLA! (412) 494-3308 or you can visit us here: