Monday, September 28, 2015

A Monumental Choice

What Is A Monument Sign Anyway?

Pittsburgh Public Schools

Monument Signs are typically large freestanding exterior signs. They are sometimes mounted on a base. Monument Signs can be fabricated from a variety of different materials, such as: concrete, brick, wood, wood composites; foam, stone, metal, aluminum, glass and more.

Monument Signs can also include different sources of lighting (internally lit, backlit, or indirectly lit).
Warrendale Village

Monument Sign Locations

There are a variety of settings in which a monument sign works well, such as:

* Commercial and Residential Entrances
* Parks
* Churches
* Shopping Centers
* Farms
* Ranches
* Cemeteries
* Hospitals
* Schools

Alive or Not?

St. Andrew Lutheran Church

That is, to add an LED Message Center or not, that is the question? It depends. The type of Monument and budget will dictate whether an active LED center is called for. Locations that have changeable information; announcements and invitations, may wish to utilize this popular method of getting their word out to the general public & traffic around their location.  While an LED message center will admittedly increase the cost of an already costly sign, a monument sign is always an investment that pays off over the life of the sign. 

Our Signs Sell Your Business

When comparing the cost of a Monument Sign which includes a message center, it is necessary to consider the traffic costs per view over the long term. LED center or not, a monument sign is typically large enough to command attention from anyone passing by. And clearly, the design of the sign can go a long way in presenting the type of image the purchaser wishes to exhibit.

If you are considering the possibility of adding a monument sign to your business or residence, please give Vital Signs a call. Our design team can help you to discuss  product/material considerations; design and other information that can assist in making your monument sign everything you need and want it to be.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What's Your Sign ROI?

Maybe The Question Should Be...

Maybe the question to be asked is, did you know that signs are an investment into your business and your brand? As a company who works daily with new and established businesses, we are still surprised at the lack of planning we see when it comes to the process of obtaining signage.

We frequently speak with folks who totally forget to consider their signage in the planning (both pre-design & budget) phase of their business start-up. Almost as bad, are the companies (large and small) who purchased signage as a necessary evil, did not consider the establishment and building of their brand when in the initial designing phase of creating their signs, nor at any time after their installation.

The importance of having marketing for your business includes the creative use of signage as part of that big picture. Signs project not just the name of your business, they can also project: The voice/feel of your brand; your company culture; the type(s) of product or service you sell, etc. The appearance of your sign(s) is a direct reflection of your business.

GOOGLE...Does It Right!

Fun and Colorful Logos

Consider the example of Google. What do you think when you see a Google Logo/Sign? Big fun color, Right! Their brand is fun. the Google Search Engine Logo always has a new and interesting logo change that makes us smile; the Google workplace is so comfortable, colorful and inviting, that it makes employees at other businesses jealous. Google's signs and their company brand sends the message of fun, valuing their employees and not taking themselves too seriously. Clearly, the folks at Google understand the ROI on their signage, logo & brand and should be an example to all of us about how to enhance our brand to it's fullest potential.
Contemporary Use of Logo by Direct Application To The Brick
Who Wouldn't Want To Work Here

Now more than ever, the graphics and signage industry has given us a huge variety of media and materials in which to produce cutting edge signs and graphics options. In other words, you don't have to settle for "ordinary". At Vital Signs, we enjoy the opportunity to put our knowledge of those cool materials and medias to work in producing the best sign presentation of our customer's brands.

Do Your Own Marketing Research

So how can you figure out your Sign ROI? Do your own market research. Look around when you are out and about. Pay attention to the signs that surround you. Look at a sign & ask yourself if it represents a business that would attract you. Does the sign look professional and in good condition?
Does the sign give you an idea about what the business does? What does a shabby, broken or degraded sign say to you? What does your sign say to others? Is it ho-hum? Does it represent your company and brand at it's most impressive presentation? Does your sign enhance all of your other marketing collateral?

Your sign will work for you...if you let it. It is the only part of your marketing strategy that will work for you 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. Most other marketing efforts cannot say that. Your signs are worth making the financial investment and time to ensure a continuing ROI to your business.

Vital Signs specializes in getting brands noticed. Let our design team work with you to produce a sign(s) that is sure to produce a positive return on your investment.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Etched Glass Design At It's Best

For An Upscale Look

There are very few of us who aren't impressed when we see an "etched glass" design on anything. Let's face it, etched glass designs look cool and upscale. So how can you get that same upscale etched glass look without the glass?

The same effect can be had by using frosted vinyl for your application. That is, Vital Signs uses a frosted vinyl application that gives the appearance of etched glass. Whether you are trying to achieve privacy, or are just looking for an attractive design, frosted vinyl is the perfect answer.

Frosted vinyl comes with either a matte finish or a frosted vinyl which has a sparkle effect when the sun hits it. Both are excellent choices to achieve the etched glass look. 

Not Just For Commercial Applications

As a room divider & decoration in the workplace

As A Pittsburgh City-Scape Window Accent
Frosted Vinyl on Residential Window

These applications can be used in the commercial work space or in a residence. Some businesses use frosted vinyl as a room divider. Other businesses used frosted glass in the design of their business name or advertising. Frosted vinyl can enhance an ordinary window or mirror in the home also. One of the benefits of using frosted vinyl applications is the ability to have a design which still lets a lot of light through. Frosted vinyl is an economical choice with big design impact!

Please call  Vital Signs to help you with a frosted vinyl (aka etched glass) design TODAY!