Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Back In The Day

When Wallpaper Was Meant To Never Be Removed

1960's Floral Motif Wallpaper

Ever moved into an older home or been in the position of having to remove wallpaper from a room (or more) that was applied several years ago. You no doubt quickly learned that whoever put the paper on the wall..never meant for it to be removed. Now perhaps it was just the type of glue or adhesive of the times..but somehow you can just picture them laughing at your angst as you struggle with every removal solution you can think of (or look up on Google).

Yes, I remember a few of those houses where we scrubbed our fingernails gone trying to remove layers of ancient wallpaper. In fact, I would put money on the fact that was where our children probably heard their first swear words watching their dad hard at work.

Vintage Period Wallpaper

Things Have Changed!

The first European wall decorations were textiles. The earliest surviving wallpapers are from the early 16th century England. These were block-printed and then colored by hand. These early papers usually mimicked fabrics, like damasks. By the 1600's wallpaper was common in Western Europe.

Wallpaper has come a very long way since those early designs and their lengthy method of production. For many people wallpaper seems to be either a Yes, I love it or No, I hate it proposition. I happen to really enjoy wallpaper, particularly when it is used in a great setting. The other reason that I love wallpaper is because we (Vital Signs) have various medias in which to print wallpaper on. That is, we can go the traditional method where one uses a wallcovering company to apply the paper to the wall with glue. Or we can use a press and smooth media in which no glue is required. Or we have other medias somewhere in between. It doesn't get any easier than that, especially if you enjoy a quickly changeable look.

The goods news also..is that Vital Signs recently added a latex printer to our hardware arsenal, so quick printing with no dry time in a snap.

Attractive but subtle focal wall

How Can We Help?

Are you looking to re-create a wallpaper from a certain time period or architecture style? We are happy to help. Our design staff is happy to help you find the perfect design to meet your needs. Whether you are wallpapering whole rooms or just focal walls, we can help you decide which look will bring the effect you are looking for. Need a larger-than-life 3D design, we can do that. Did I mention that the cooler the design project, the more we love it?! It's true. We enjoy the opportunity to work on unique projects that fulfill your design aesthetic.

How About A Focal Wall!

Let's Design It!

3 D Wallpaper

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Signs Of Affirmation

When The Message Is More Important Than The Sign Design

From time to time Vital Signs likes to feature universally funny signs that make us all smile. But I recently came across a sign project that caught my attention. The project was inspired by a 17 year old girl in California who simply wanted to spread a message of kindness. The school has a "Kindness Club" that looks for ways to spread the kindness message. 

It's The Message..Not The Sign Design

The goal of the student's (Sabrina Astle) project was to post simple signs of affirmation. It was unexpected and powerful. At a time in our culture where young girls/women are bombarded with culture messages telling them what they should look like; what make-up they need and the clothes they should wear, etc., the timing was perfect for this project of signs of affirmation. What I also liked about it, is that the placement of the signs was in the restrooms where the focus was on the sign message not what negative internal messages that girls tend to send themselves when they look in the mirror.

The Article, Reposted From The Internet

California high school hangs signs of affirmation instead of mirrors in girls' bathroom
Simple and Uplifting!

A high school in California has hung in its girls' bathroom signs of affirmation instead of mirrors.
Laguna Hills High School students look at signs that say things like, "You are beautiful" and "You are enough," instead of looking at their reflections.
It was the idea of Sabrina Astle, 17, who told ABC News that she "wanted to find a way to make a difference through our Kindness Club on campus. This is why I started making the posters in the first place."
"Then we had What if … Week," she said, which is designed to bring the campus together. "Each day has a specific message. The message for Thursday, March 23, 2017, was 'What if we showed more love?'"
"I felt that this would be a good time to hang the signs. I put the signs in the bathroom the night before so students would see them throughout the next day," she said.
Chelsea Maxwell, the school's activities director, told ABC News, "[Sabrina] made it her goal for the semester to spread positive messages around campus."
Even though the signs were planned for the What if … Week, reaction has been very positive, Maxwell said, and there are no immediate plans to take them down.

"It made their day," Sabrina said of other students.
"I didn't think I was doing anything that would impact anyone," she said. "I thought it may brighten their day or lift their confidence before their next class, but I didn't think it would make this large of an impact."
She continued, "The signs have helped people remember that everyone is beautiful, everyone is important, everyone is good enough and everyone should be treated equally. I did this because I am passionate about the fact that everyone is important and everyone needs to be cared for."
Love These!!

Simple And Meaningful

In our current world of hate, anger and division, I find this story and it's message especially heart-warming and needed. I think that Sabrina has highlighted a need that we can all agree on! 

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Funny Church Signs

Lighten Up

In an increasingly divided world it is nice to be able to share some (mostly) universal humor. We often come across funny signs from various parts of the world or in certain industries, etc. And even though we are a sign company, we enjoy seeing humorous signs just like the next person. With that said, I would like to share some funny Church signs that I came across online. 


Sounds Like A HOT Warning!

Love This!

Nice Way Of Putting This

Good Tie-In To Social Media

Here's A Great Way To Think About Jesus


Humorous But True

This Will Help You Find Your Way!

We Don't Like Roaming Fees

No SINburn Please

This Could Have Been In Pittsburgh


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