Monday, March 14, 2016

Let's Talk Price

The Search

We've all done it, tried to barter on a price or two. In our tech-driven society, now more than ever, we price shop, compare product features and in general, try to get the best bang for our buck. And I'm all for that and do the same online research..for some products or services. But not for all. And let me tell you why.

I had never given much thought to the manufacturers or crafters of products that I purchase, until we started a small business. I have seen first-hand, what goes into the design and manufacture of the signs and custom graphics products that we make for our customers. 

What Are You Paying For?

You're probably saying, "Duh, the sign I'm purchasing." But you are really purchasing so much more. For instance, when Vital Signs sells a custom sign or graphics project, the customer is receiving the benefit of many years of experience and expertise in sign design. Vital Signs is a member of two trade groups in an effort to stay educated on signage & graphics trends, and learn about new products and medias. Equally, we subscribe to professional trade journals. Our customers come to us for a huge variety of signage needs. The signage industry is not a "one size fits all " proposition. Our sign craftsmen need to have product knowledge, along with other sign considerations which include sign location; building type, provide the best signage option for the customer. Vital Signs is committed to providing the best products that we can for our customers. The cost for that institutional and on-going knowledge is and important part of what is included in your sign purchase from Vital Signs. Your business means a lot to us. We are committed to providing you with quality signs and a hassle-free experience.


It is a given that all consumers want quality. Quality in the way a product is made. Quality in the type of materials used to produce a product. And quality and integrity from the business in which we are dealing with. Anyone can go online and perhaps find a sign cheaper than what Vital Signs would charge to produce it. But you need to ask yourself if the materials and customer service are of the highest quality? Do you have a company that provides superior customer service and does whatever it takes to make you happy with your sign? Will an online supplier stand behind the product or replace it if it fails? Will the sign have a guarantee or warranty? Can you trust the supplier? Maybe and maybe not. 

There are intangibles that carry a great deal of weight in the sign purchasing process and the bottom line is, that you get what you pay for. Through the years, we have had some customers that called us for a price for a sign. It was clear that they were moving down a list calling several sign companies to price shop. And then weeks later, they contacted us telling us what a disaster experience and sign they ended up with by trying to save a few dollars. After missing a deadline, and starting the process over, they ended up paying far more for their sign(s) in the long run. Your signage is not a cheap investment, yet it says everything about your business. If you've invested much of your blood, sweat, tears & dollars to start and build a business, isn't branding your business with a quality-made sign for the world to see, important? It should be.

Apples To Apples

Some online sign retailers or home-based sign shops can lower their prices because of a reduced or absent overhead, Vital Signs does have overhead costs, which in turn can be the difference in the cost of a sign. But the one ingredient that is typically not found with online retailers that you have with Vital a relationship. We are invested in our customers and their success. We greatly value the opportunity to help our customers and will go the extra mile to earn and keep your business.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We're being STAND-OFFish..

About Sign Hardware...

Sign with Stand-Offs

Today I would like to take a moment to highlight a product that we routinely use in the sign industry. It is also a product that is used within the advertising and interior design industries as well. The product, is actually hardware that we refer to as: Stand-Offs.

What Are They?

So what is a stand-off and how is it used? 

Stand-offs are a small, decorative (mostly barrel shaped) and square shaped pieces of metal that come with fitted caps. They are made for the purposes of securing signage; shelves and artwork in both interior and exterior settings.

What Are They Made From?

Most stand-offs are made from aluminum, stainless steel and plastic in various heights, diameters and decorative colors and finishes. Stand-offs serve a couple of functions. They secure a sign or art piece into place, but can also serve as a decorative touch to the sign or art piece. Just by the nature of their barrel or square shape body design, they will off-set a substrate (sign or art piece) a short distance from the wall.

How Are They Used?

There are various methods in which stand-offs can be mounted. The can be used a basic (close to wall) wall mount, an edge-grip (which inserts the substrate into the stand-off) or as a projecting wall mount. The size of the sign or art piece and the desired location for installation will dictate which stand-off and mounting method would work best. 

 Looking For That Upscale Touch?

Stand-offs offer an upscale touch to the sign or artwork being displayed. They often provide a slight shadow offered from the lighting surrounding them which draws attention to the installation.  They come in various finishes from dull and matte finishes to brushed and shiny. So if you are contemplating your next sign or art installation, please talk to us about how we can elevate your application with stand-offs. Vital Signs is being "Stand-Offish" and we're happy about it, you will be also!

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