Monday, January 16, 2017

New Year, New Resolutions

Business Resolutions That Is

Well here we are, already in 2017. I think I have given up on making personal resolutions each year. Most years I have satisfied myself by almost achieving some of my personal goals. But business goals are a different story. If you are operating a successful business, you know that you should have a marketing plan complete with goals and benchmarks to measure them. 

Among your arsenal of business branding tools, you should always include your business sign(s). For some that idea is a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at the businesses that we interact with, who only thought about their sign(s) as an after-thought, or minimize it's importance.

So rather than focus on our personal New Year's Resolutions, I would like to address 10 resolutions in 2017 for your business signage:

2017 Business Signage Resolutions

1. Get In Shape: It's time to take stock of all of your business signage. What shape are your signs in? Are they in dis-repair? Are parts of your lit sign burnt out or not working? Are your sign(s) representing your business at it's best vantage point?

2. Make Necessary Repairs: Fix those broken signs. Nothing looks worse (and sometimes even embarrassing) as viewing a business sign with channel letters which are burnt out or not working leaving viewers with an unintended business name. Or a sign that has seen better days and is weathered in poor condition. Remember this is the impression your business is making on your potential customers.

One burnt out letter can change the name in a negatively memorable way

3. Be More Creative: Really evaluate your sign(s) with a critical eye. Is it attractive? Does your sign look dated for 2017? Does it need a facelift? Does the sign design reflect your business in the way that you want your customers to see you? Perhaps it;s time to evaluate your entire branding image from a total marketing standpoint.

A mixture of one new sign with several dated signs 

4. Form Partnerships: Is your sign holding up it's end of the marketing partnership with you to reach the maximum number of viewers and potential customers? Is it installed in the most advantageous area of your business location?

Not the best location of vantage point for a restaurant sign

5. Improve Overall Appearance: Would a different type of sign work better for you? Perhaps adding a digital message component would increase the number of people who view your sign. Or maybe you are ready for a whole new updated and creative look with a different sign material.

A very attractive Post and Panel Sign, fresh and updated

6. Provide Value: Higher levels of visibility and signs which are creatively memorable and in good repair are valuable to the bottom-line of a business. How many viewers will notice your sign(s) because it is attractive and memorable? Can you see room for improvement with the signage you currently display?

7. Stay In Touch: Aging, broken and boring signs do not invite customers to a business, it's that simple. A bright, colorful and fun sign is memorable and acts as an invitation to potential customers. A quality sign will not only help people find you, it may be the one exterior selling factor that draws the customer to your place of business.

A well-designed, memorable and fun sign that whimsically invites patrons to come in

8. Reinvent Your Sign: It is easy to stick with status quo as far as your signage goes. You are an entrepreneur, with a million things to took care of the sign a long time ago...done. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of business people live. Reinventing your business brand and signs cost money and takes time. The return on investment of updating your tired signage however, can be far greater than the time and expense extended to upgrade it. 

9. Become More Active: What type of signage do you display? Would an LED Message Center included in your sign design reach a far larger group of viewers than your current sign? Perhaps you have a sign that is only visible during the day.. Displaying a lit sign allows your signage to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Have you captured every opportunity to brand your business (inside and out) with multiple signs or branding messages?

Adding an interactive LED message center is a great way to communicate with the surrounding community and neighborhood traffic

10. Invite More Business: Is your business signage extending a friendly invitation to potential customers. Think about aging, faded sign sends a negative message (come see us or not, we don;t care enough to even fix our sign). Whereas, an updated colorful sign, sends a warm, fun vibe and invitation. 

Don't Procrastinate...It's Time

It's just like losing weight..we don't want to suffer through the effort, but are glad when we get to the destination. If you've take the time to create financial goals to increase your income, then you have included a marketing path to help get you there. Signs should always be a part of that plan. Vital Signs is happy to help you evaluate your signage. Our design team is always available to help brainstorm ideas to give your business maximum branding capacity.

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