Friday, February 1, 2019

The Sky's The Limit..Really!!

When Ceilings Become Part Of The Design Esthetic

The Ceiling Is The Focal Point Of These Wall Treatments

I enjoy reading our sign and graphics trade publications because they keep me informed of design trends. Having the knowledge of design trends in turn, helps us in working with customers. One of the most recent design trends I read about within the wallpaper arena, is covering the ceiling with wallpaper. As I looked around online, I found some very cool examples of these ceiling wallpaper applications. Vital Signs did not produce or install the following examples, but we certainly have the capacity to, we just need that first, bold customer or designer who wants to make a statement!

A Variety Of Medias To Choose From

An Attractive Wood-Look Ceiling Application

One of the very best things I like about this wallpaper ceiling idea is that Vital Signs has a variety of suitable medias that we can choose from to make custom wallpaper. With the explosion of printable medias, using the most appropriate type of media for the space/surface is easy to determine.

Total Design Immersion

Types Of Media

Surface Appropriate: Depending upon the surface to be covered, Vital Signs' offers medias which will work on a textured, uneven or flat surface.

Making A Bold Design Statement

Media Material: There are always questions to be answered before choosing the specific media for printing and applying. For instance, how long do you desire the wallcovering/ceiling covering to stay applied to the surface? We now have media which is used for short term periods of time. Concerned about glue on your wall? We have a thin, fabric media which is a peel & stick product.

The Ease Of Peel And Stick Fabric Media

Traditional Wallpaper: For those who prefer traditional wallpaper, Vital Signs has that as well. Our wallpaper media is not made to be adhesive-backed and does require wallpaper glue. But rest assured, we can create a one-of-a-kind design on your custom wallpaper!

Just The Right Subtle, Yet Monochromatic Touch

Finish: Matte or shiny, we've got you covered.

For All Of The Dolphin-Loving Folks!

There really are more choices than ever if you truly want a custom space. Not sure about what design you want? Give us a call. Our design team is very skilled at considering ALL of the design details.

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