Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's A Wrap!

A Residential Wall Wrap..

If you've ever had an old house, you probably have one. An ugly, concrete block wall that is. Like many old structures, either commercial or residential, many of us inherit what some might describe as an architectural faux-pas. Surely there is/was a more attractive structural solution than sharp, grey or white porous-looking block. So what's one to do with this kind of eyesore? 

Clearly, the economical, quick-fix solutions are limited. Or are they? The easiest answer is paint. Anyone can slap a quick coat or two of paint over block. But the change is minimal and may prove to draw more attention to the texture and porous nature of the block. If that is the desired look you are going for, you have an easy solution. But what if you want to make a big change without a substantial financial investment?

Think Creative Wall WRAP!

So what is a "wall wrap" you ask? Basically, it is exactly what it sounds like it is. It is the covering of a large surface area with a printed material (as opposed to paint). In the sign business, we have a variety of media types to choose from in producing a wall wrap. For instance, we have various vinyl media types. Some of them are vinyls which are made with a low-tack sticky backing. This allows the media to be smoothed out over the wall space & then easily removed at some future date, leaving no media or adhesive residue behind. 

Also, we can create custom, one-of-a-kind wallpaper. The wallpaper media that we use is manufactured like other wallpaper. That is, the design on the paper is custom designed by our design team, and printed and laminated by us, but then installed (by you or a professional wallpaper installer) using wallpaper glue applied to the wallpaper and then installed onto the wall surface, like other wallpaper applications.

Also, Vital Signs offers a unique thin fabric media which can be printed on & easily applied to various surfaces. With it's (anyone can do it) peel & stick application, our fabric media is rapidly gaining in popularity. This media is particularly suited for apartment walls or other walls where nail holes are not allowed/desired.

So Show Us An Example...

Our most recent wall wrap was applied in our own personal living space. Surrounded by white concrete block walls in a downstairs laundry room, we decided to wrap some portions of the existing block. Specifically, we chose to cover a large portion of the block wall which surrounds the stairs. I specifically chose a stacked stone image for the wall design. Understanding that the existing blocks had various irregularities in their surface, we chose a design that would enhance those irregularities. Both the existing block and the chosen image, offered dimension to the image that  gives the illusion of being "real" stacked stone.

 The Result

Well obviously, a real stacked stone application would look best. But for the significant dollars saved by utilizing a printed wall wrap instead, we think it's a winning solution! Let's face it, doing laundry is never fun or motivating. And doing laundry in a space surrounded with boring concrete block and no design aesthetic..well sadly, that speaks for itself and for my lack of enthusiasm in even entering the space as little as possible.

I now enjoy the space and do not feel dread in having to spend time in what was formerly known as "the dungeon". 

Vital Signs can fix your boring space too! Call Us today to set up your FREE design consultation with our creative design team.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Are Your Signs Just A Pane In The Glass?

What's In A Name?

Ask any "sign person" what makes a successful business name from a sign standpoint, and you are likely to hear a variety of things. Of course we sign folk think about several important sign name points, such as:

  1. How long is the name?
  2. How many channel letters will the name require?
  3. Will a landlord allow the type of sign you want?
  4. Is it a business name that will be easy to remember, and more importantly, work easily in a sign design and on other marketing collateral?
  5. Is it a name that is clear and will not cause confusion about the type of business it represents?
  6. Does the name fit with the corporate image?
  7. Are there specific colors that need to be used with the sign design?
  8. Will the sign name and logo design lend itself to an effective sign layout?
  9. Will the sign fit in the space that is available for the building in which the business resides?
  10. Has an adequate budget been developed for the specifically designed sign? 


Aside from considering all of the above mentioned business name points, is consideration of the creative and smile-producing part of a business name.

Some business owners choose names that elicit a smile. Many of these humorous business names have the deliberate consequence of being not only funny, but memorable. I for one, love to see a fun sign that makes me smile or laugh out loud. I have certainly seen enough signs that make me cringe or cock my head to one side trying to figure out the significance of the name and message. 

Professional Sign Friends of ours recently sent us a series of funny sign pictures. Of course we have seen many of these types of signs through the years, but these were especially funny, so I will share them with you. I must send the business owners a "kudos" for their humorous visions. 


Successful Sign Ingredients..


A humorous business name has to strike a unique balance of being able to touch a humorous note with the viewer, without being too "cutesy" or cheesy. I remember a few years back, I was driving home during afternoon rush hour traffic when our 'wrapped' Vital Sign's van broke down right in the middle of the right lane I was driving in. First of all, I was shocked that people kept honking at me & giving me snarling dirty looks and gestures, as if I could help it. One woman on the back of a motorcycle even screamed at me to get out of the _________road! Well...since I am not strong enough to push a car out of the road by myself, I called the police dept. to at least let them know that I was blocking the lane, until I could get some help.

The policeman showed up...and looked at the van and responded: " Oh, Vital Signs ", I remember this name, I see you guys everywhere. And we get that a lot, even after having been in business for over 10 years. We still hear comments about our fun and memorable name. 

Does It Pay To Have A Humorous Business Name?


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I'm pretty sure that there have been no studies which address the ROI on a humorous business name. But think about it. A customer needs to have a window replaced. A couple of things happen at this point. First, they may remember a quality company that they had used in the past, or possibly they have a referral from someone. 

If not, they may have seen that funny vendor name somewhere (Carl's Pane In The Glass) and be compelled to call. Or perhaps they google or pick up a phone book (if anyone still uses phone books) to search for a company. The customer immediately spots the funny business name among a group of other ho-hum and predictable names, and chooses the funny business name. Very often, a customer will be drawn to that humorous name. Why is that?

Well, let's face it..the goal is to get people to notice your business. A business which has a humorous business name draws attention and smiles, whether that name is on an actual sign or viewed among a directory of similar business types listed somewhere. And very often, that humorous business name reflects the sense of humor of the business owner(s) who created it, and there's something inherently friendly about that.

To Be Funny Or Not To Be...That Is The Question

Ultimately, the business owner(s) is the only one who can decide whether a humorous name is right for his/her business. That decision must take into account the type of business and what types of products and/or services are sold from the business. But when feasible, using a humorous business name can yield an ROI that is nothing to laugh at!


Plan Ahead

If you are an entrepreneur contemplating a new business, or an established entrepreneur contemplating a new business name, let Vital Signs help! Take advantage of our FREE signage consultation to let our design team help brainstorm a business name that will get your business noticed and remembered!!

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Mosaic Inspiration

When Kids Create

There is nothing more charming than the art pieces that kids create. If you are a parent, you are likely to have a refrigerator, wall or drawer full of your child/children's brilliant works of art spanning months or years. Also, it is typical to visit a children's classroom at any school and to see colorful pictures adorning the classroom walls and halls. But what do you do when you have a huge collection of kid-created ceramic tiles?

The Pittsburgh Public Schools came to Vital Signs with a unique banner concept in mind.
The school wanted to memorialize a mass of ceramic art tiles that their students had created. Tasked with creating a very large banner using the colorful tiles, Vital Signs had to find a solution which would work.

Banner Made With Homemade Tiles

Have Tiles..Will Combine

The creative tiles were placed side-by-side en masse in order to take a picture of them all. The problem was that even a camera with a wide lens could not capture all of the tiles which would make up the 18' x 6' banner. It was decided that our designer would take individual pictures of all of the tile sections and then piece them together with a graphics program. Bob scaled the top of a ladder several times as he moved around the huge floor space filled with tiles as he took pictures.. It was necessary to climb to the top of the ladder to gain as much height as possible in an effort to take clear images of the beautiful tiles. Bob then pieced all of the sections together to create, what turned out as a beautiful art piece.

Vital Signs Has Creative Solutions

This ultra large banner was not our usual request, but another fun project we enjoyed. The Vital Signs Design Team is available to find creative solutions for you too! The more unusual the project, the better we love it!

Call Vital Signs today for your BIG COLOR solutions!

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Monday, October 26, 2015

It Doesn't Get Any Cooler Than This

I Love A Great Sign!

One of the job hazards (or perks) of being a "Sign Person" is that we look at signs wherever we go. And yes, we make judgements. It's the nature of the job. Unfortunately, we see a lot of terribly bad signs. But we also see some colorful and creative signs.

In a recent copy of the Sign Builder Illustrator Magazine, there was an article featuring some crazy- cool signs. The artist, Jeff Meyers is the talented creator of these signs. Jeff owns Modern Artifacts in Portland, Oregon.  As soon as I turned the page, I was mesmerized at Jeff's industrial art pieces. 

Jeff was commissioned by the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, Oregon, to create three pop art sculptures. These hand-crafted sculptures have a labored patina of rusty steel, bronze, hand-formed neon, programmed LED's, motorized elements, and even audio components. 

The first piece was a tribute to Craig Breedlove's Spirit of America land speed record holder that went 526.277 miles per hour in 1964. The 3D interactive display features lights, neon, the authentic sound of the car's jet engine and an amazing crackle tube that illustrates the effects of the car's jet exhaust.

Spirit of America 

Fun For Kids And Grown Men 

Okay...it's really fun for everyone...just especially kids and grown men. Jeff's second commissioned piece is an interactive robot called Ignito. Ignito was designed to be educational and enjoyed by all ages. The hand-cranked display illustrates how a four-cycle engine works: Basically, it's suck, squish, bang, and push. Kids can also press the "start" button and watch the gauges work and lights flash as Ignito talks.


About Jeff Meyers...

Jeff Meyers is an industrial artist with a deep interest in interpreting, recreating and inventing the past. Jeff's work reflects his love of modern versions of old icons and is an interpretation of a bygone era. His work is so precise, it often cannot be discerned from the decades old, design.

A Little Bit O' Nostalgia

One visit to Jeff's website Modern Artifacts, and you are whimsically transported back in time. You can't help but smile as you look at Jeff's one-of-a-kind creations. Why is that? I think that it takes a great many of us back to the good ole days we all remember. A time when things were simpler, (we were younger) and life was good. Not many signs have that kind of impact on the viewer. If you get a chance, please take a stroll down memory lane at Jeff's site: www.modern-artifacts.com

And a big fist pump and "well done" to Jeff for creating such a creative mix of sign artistry. We love discovering outstanding sign craftsmen.

If Vital Signs can help with any of your sign needs that don't call for Jeff's amazing skill sets, please give us a call! And if they do require Jeff's skill sets, just tell him that Vital Signs sent you.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

It's All About The Color...

And The Winner Is..


How We Color Match

Today I would like to explain to you how we sign & print "creatives" at Vital Signs are able to match exact colors to our customer's projects. We use, what is known in the business, as the Pantone Color Matching System or PMS system.

In 1963, a very cleaver person decided to create a system that would help in identifying colors with their multiple shades, and The Pantone Color Matching System was born. The Pantone Color Matching System is a largely standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in various locations can all refer to the Pantone System to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another. The Pantone Fan includes a full color spectrum of 6" x 2" thin panels which show various shades of one color per panel.

Pantone Color System

Color By Numbers

One such use is standardizing colors in the CMYK process. The CMYK process is a method of printing color by using four inks--cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. A majority of the world's printed material is produced using the CMYK process, and there is a special subset of Pantone colors that can be reproduced using CMYK. However, most of the Pantone system's 1,114 spot colors (any color generated by an ink, pure or mixed, that is printed in a single run) cannot be simulated with CMYK, but with 13 base pigments (14 including black) mixed in specified amounts. The Pantone system also allows for many special colors to be produced, such as metallics and flourescents. Pantone colors are described by their allocated number (typically referred to as, for example, "PMS 130").

What's The Significance?

The reason that this system is so important is because so many different industries (fashion; interior designers; builders; print/design; advertisers, etc.) rely on using and matching colors. Think about it. When you want to paint your house, you go to look at paint swatches. Paint swatches are very similar to a Pantone color panel. The swatches show you a color that starts from it's lightest shade at one end of the panel, to it's darkest shade at the other end. When trying to match colors and tones, the Pantone system (or similar paint color system) makes it an easy process. For instance, you have decided to use a shade that falls right in the middle of the lightest & darkest part of the swatch for your main room color. You would like to use a different color for your trim. You can choose whichever color you like & move down to the center of the swatch (at the same level of the panel you are using for your main color) & use the same tone value. Using similar tone values will help to keep the balance of the colors from clashing with each other.
Color In The Fashion Industry

At Vital Signs we have customers who have specific Pantone colors that have been used in the design of their logo, business colors and branding. It is essential that any signs or custom printing we do for our customers, use those same chosen colors. Using a Pantone Chart ensures our design team and our customer, that we will meet the exact color tone. All computer screens are calibrated differently. My screen is unlikely to exactly match my customer's screen . By choosing a Pantone color, we don't have to worry about what we see on our screens, as we know that the printed output will match the intended color(s). Some of our customers may not require an exact Pantone match, and may indicate that a color close to a certain Pantone shade will work. But when an exact match is required, Vital Signs has your color!

Our Vital Signs Design Team has your number!

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Pittsburgh Coolest Offices

I'd Like To Thank....

A few months back I noticed a contest in the Pittsburgh Business Times. Now being the contest-lover that I am, it called to me. The contest was open to Pittsburgh businesses to submit a handful of pictures of their workspace and explain why it was one of the coolest office spaces in Pittsburgh. Now little did I know that over 100 businesses would submit their totally cool offices as well. Nor did I realize that every one of those businesses would be featured by the Pittsburgh Business Times in the coming weeks as one of the 'coolest offices in Pittsburgh' (or at least this is my suspicion). Smart Pittsburgh Business Times...don't upset anyone and make them all feel like winners. 

Coolness (aka Garage Wraps) For The Outside of Your Building

I Bit...

Yes, like a big fish on a tiny pole, I bit. I excitedly gushed to everyone in the office that we were going to be featured in the Pittsburgh Business Times, because the "tweet" said so. Of course I re-tweeted, favored that tweet and even shared the coveted title through email. Of course you can understand why I felt as if someone had just handed me a big trophy with our Vital Signs name lit in big, bold neon lights. I mean afterall, we do design and produce incredibly cool things here every day, as well as being encircled by them.

Work Is A Roller Coaster Ride at Vital Signs

Surrounded By Edgy Coolness..

I have to admit (with no qualms about it) there were some fabulous entries. There were fun rooms with games; sleek rooms oozing modern vibes; edgy spaces designed to fit their company's personas, uber cool furniture, eco-elegance and more. A couple of them even made me second-guess my decision to enter they were so breath-taking. But what was so neat about all of them, was that each company created a space in which their employees would feel comfortable spending their working hours and days. And that's the coolest thing of all to me.
Some People Work In A Zoo...Not Us

Employee Motivation

There have been numerous studies done by many credentialed folks to let everyone know that employees are much more positive and productive when they feel comfortable in their space, whether that is personalizing one's individual space or the entire work environment. 

And should you need to add more style to your office (or residence), you too can have ultra coolness with Vital Signs' help. Whether your space is serious and sleek or crazy cool and over-the-top, we can help to execute your vision. What does that mean you ask? It means that we don't just make signs..we make a large variety of custom graphics and art pieces, such as: Prints on canvas; Wallscapes; Wall Wraps; Floor graphics; Elevator Wraps, Custom Wallpaper, etc. And making creative projects to exhibit your brand or style are what we do best.
Take A Bow

So a big CONGRATULATIONS  to all of our co-cool companies on sharing this fun honor. I'm waving our Terrible Towel for all of you!

To Coolify Your Office, call Vital Signs 

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Monday, September 28, 2015

A Monumental Choice

What Is A Monument Sign Anyway?

Pittsburgh Public Schools

Monument Signs are typically large freestanding exterior signs. They are sometimes mounted on a base. Monument Signs can be fabricated from a variety of different materials, such as: concrete, brick, wood, wood composites; foam, stone, metal, aluminum, glass and more.

Monument Signs can also include different sources of lighting (internally lit, backlit, or indirectly lit).
Warrendale Village

Monument Sign Locations

There are a variety of settings in which a monument sign works well, such as:

* Commercial and Residential Entrances
* Parks
* Churches
* Shopping Centers
* Farms
* Ranches
* Cemeteries
* Hospitals
* Schools

Alive or Not?

St. Andrew Lutheran Church

That is, to add an LED Message Center or not, that is the question? It depends. The type of Monument and budget will dictate whether an active LED center is called for. Locations that have changeable information; announcements and invitations, may wish to utilize this popular method of getting their word out to the general public & traffic around their location.  While an LED message center will admittedly increase the cost of an already costly sign, a monument sign is always an investment that pays off over the life of the sign. 

Our Signs Sell Your Business

When comparing the cost of a Monument Sign which includes a message center, it is necessary to consider the traffic costs per view over the long term. LED center or not, a monument sign is typically large enough to command attention from anyone passing by. And clearly, the design of the sign can go a long way in presenting the type of image the purchaser wishes to exhibit.

If you are considering the possibility of adding a monument sign to your business or residence, please give Vital Signs a call. Our design team can help you to discuss  product/material considerations; design and other information that can assist in making your monument sign everything you need and want it to be.

Call Vital Signs to schedule your FREE sign consultation.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What's Your Sign ROI?

Maybe The Question Should Be...

Maybe the question to be asked is, did you know that signs are an investment into your business and your brand? As a company who works daily with new and established businesses, we are still surprised at the lack of planning we see when it comes to the process of obtaining signage.

We frequently speak with folks who totally forget to consider their signage in the planning (both pre-design & budget) phase of their business start-up. Almost as bad, are the companies (large and small) who purchased signage as a necessary evil, did not consider the establishment and building of their brand when in the initial designing phase of creating their signs, nor at any time after their installation.

The importance of having marketing for your business includes the creative use of signage as part of that big picture. Signs project not just the name of your business, they can also project: The voice/feel of your brand; your company culture; the type(s) of product or service you sell, etc. The appearance of your sign(s) is a direct reflection of your business.

GOOGLE...Does It Right!

Fun and Colorful Logos

Consider the example of Google. What do you think when you see a Google Logo/Sign? Big fun color, Right! Their brand is fun. the Google Search Engine Logo always has a new and interesting logo change that makes us smile; the Google workplace is so comfortable, colorful and inviting, that it makes employees at other businesses jealous. Google's signs and their company brand sends the message of fun, valuing their employees and not taking themselves too seriously. Clearly, the folks at Google understand the ROI on their signage, logo & brand and should be an example to all of us about how to enhance our brand to it's fullest potential.
Contemporary Use of Logo by Direct Application To The Brick
Who Wouldn't Want To Work Here

Now more than ever, the graphics and signage industry has given us a huge variety of media and materials in which to produce cutting edge signs and graphics options. In other words, you don't have to settle for "ordinary". At Vital Signs, we enjoy the opportunity to put our knowledge of those cool materials and medias to work in producing the best sign presentation of our customer's brands.

Do Your Own Marketing Research

So how can you figure out your Sign ROI? Do your own market research. Look around when you are out and about. Pay attention to the signs that surround you. Look at a sign & ask yourself if it represents a business that would attract you. Does the sign look professional and in good condition?
Does the sign give you an idea about what the business does? What does a shabby, broken or degraded sign say to you? What does your sign say to others? Is it ho-hum? Does it represent your company and brand at it's most impressive presentation? Does your sign enhance all of your other marketing collateral?

Your sign will work for you...if you let it. It is the only part of your marketing strategy that will work for you 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. Most other marketing efforts cannot say that. Your signs are worth making the financial investment and time to ensure a continuing ROI to your business.

Vital Signs specializes in getting brands noticed. Let our design team work with you to produce a sign(s) that is sure to produce a positive return on your investment.

Call Today for a FREE design consultation!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Etched Glass Design At It's Best

For An Upscale Look

There are very few of us who aren't impressed when we see an "etched glass" design on anything. Let's face it, etched glass designs look cool and upscale. So how can you get that same upscale etched glass look without the glass?

The same effect can be had by using frosted vinyl for your application. That is, Vital Signs uses a frosted vinyl application that gives the appearance of etched glass. Whether you are trying to achieve privacy, or are just looking for an attractive design, frosted vinyl is the perfect answer.

Frosted vinyl comes with either a matte finish or a frosted vinyl which has a sparkle effect when the sun hits it. Both are excellent choices to achieve the etched glass look. 

Not Just For Commercial Applications

As a room divider & decoration in the workplace

As A Pittsburgh City-Scape Window Accent
Frosted Vinyl on Residential Window

These applications can be used in the commercial work space or in a residence. Some businesses use frosted vinyl as a room divider. Other businesses used frosted glass in the design of their business name or advertising. Frosted vinyl can enhance an ordinary window or mirror in the home also. One of the benefits of using frosted vinyl applications is the ability to have a design which still lets a lot of light through. Frosted vinyl is an economical choice with big design impact!

Please call  Vital Signs to help you with a frosted vinyl (aka etched glass) design TODAY!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

First Impressions Matter!

What Kind Of Impression Do Your Signs Make?

Whether we like it or not, we all develop "first impressions" about lots of things, people and places. On the one hand we are taught not to judge, and on the other hand, first impressions help our thought processes and decision-making.

Let's be honest here, we all do it...which brings me to some questions. What kind of first impression(s) run through your mind when you see a shoddy, worn-out sign? Are you annoyed if a wayfinding sign doesn't show you the way? Or what about a business sign(s)? The letters are faded, the logo is tired and the message is uninspired. Is the business or store that supports this sign motivating you to go in to conduct business? 

If you had an identical menu being offered by two restaurants right next to each other, and one had a bright, fresh, colorful sign and the other featured a peeling and weathered sign,which one would influence your selection? What kind of message (first impression) went through your mind when you looked at the sad, shabby sign?

The truth is that consumers are influenced by the marketing and branding presentation that they see. The process of making first impressions happens so quickly and unconsciously, that we don't even realize how much our purchasing behavior is influenced.

How Often Do You Evaluate Your Sign(s)?

If you are a business owner, how often do you evaluate your signage? Are you guilty of installing your signs and then giving them very little thought afterward? Your signs can have a direct correlation to the amount of business you conduct each day. Think about a sign(s) that you passed which immediately made you smile or elicited  a "Wow, that is really cool sign" response. If you can still recall that sign(s), then that business owner left a positive and lasting first impression with you.

What Is A Customer Worth To You?

As business owners, we should all strive to ensure that we are putting our best marketing foot forward. That means featuring an attractive invitation to do business in the form of our business signs. The investment to create or freshen up your sign(s) is a small price to pay when considering the cost of attracting & growing your customer database.

Vital Signs can help to evaluate your signs for any possible rescues or face-lifts which may be needed. For instance, channel letters (the large letters that light up at night on a business) can be manufactured to look one color during the day, and a different color at night. Or maybe just highlighting certain parts of your sign(s) with a high intensity vinyl which sparkles or has a 3D effect. Perhaps you would like to put some brightly colored company branding in your large storefront windows, but still need to see out the windows...Vital Signs has you covered. Exploding in popularity, perforated vinyl is an easy way to grab attention without obscuring the view outside.

We Create Effective First Impressions For Your Business!

It's really pretty easy to ensure that your business sign(s) create a great first and lasting impression, and Vital Signs knows how to make those impressions happen! To make sure that your signs are working for you around the clock....

Call Vital Signs Today! (412) 494-3308

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Are You Taking Advantage of ALL of Your Sign Marketing Opportunities?

Every Business Needs A Sign or More..

We all know that businesses need Identification Signs to attract customers into their business. But signs should be more than another thing to do on the "To Do" list. And they should never serve just one function. Signs should be an opportunity to present part of your business's marketing strategy.

Are You Using Every Sign Opportunity To Market?

There are so many opportunities to market a business with signage, whether you have a brick and mortar location or not. Beyond the business identification sign on the exterior of a facade, consider the following possibilities:

A Lobby Sign...

Reception areas are the perfect location to place an attractive business/logo sign. If your business provides a waiting area for guests to sit, then give them something to look at or read on the wall. A lobby sign sends an unspoken message, as well as giving your business name. It is a message that lets your guest(s) know that your business is a credible business, or a an upscale business or a fun business. That's what is great about a lobby sign. The flavor of your business should be visible in the style of your lobby sign.

An Attractive Lobby Sign In The Reception Area

What About The Wall Decor?

Yes... what you decorate the walls with can also be a part of your marketing strategy. Do you sell widgets that might lend themselves to modern art-scapes? Can you capture your customers in artwork which depicts them interacting with your widgets that you can share on your walls with visitors? What looks like fun artwork can also send your marketing message. And Vital Signs has the perfect media to send those messages without damaging your walls!
Unforgettable branding!

Moving Messages?

Exploding in popularity, LED scrolling and changeable message units are on constant marketing duty when programmed with your marketing messages. Easier than ever, inside or out, business owners can program their electronic message center to send out messages in bold colors, fonts & graphics. Admittedly, these LED signs are a financial investment and are more expensive as they graduate in size. But the attention that they capture from viewers will likely offer an ROI that will easily pay for their cost and will constantly work for your business.
Your Message Works Around The Clock For You With An LED Message Center

Big, Bold Banners!

There will always be a place for banner marketing for every business or organization. Banners are one of the most economical attention grabbers that a business/group can use. Banners can go mobile or be utilized on the inside or outside of a business or in various locations. Created with the right vinyl media, banners can literally last for years. If your business or organization is not using banners...two words...why not?
Banners In Every Size!

A Frames

Portable, Easy & Attention-grabbing! Need to highlight a special or temporary offer or highlight pricing? A Frames are the perfect sign option. Single or double-sided choices are available & are hard to miss. If you are trying to grab that pedestrian attention, a colorful A Frame is the perfect choice!
A Frames Work For A Variety of Messages!

Flags and Wavy Things

I don't know about you but I am always drawn to flags and inflatables that flap in the wind...aren't we all! It's human nature to have our attention drawn to moving messages..We see them and yes...we read them too! And sometimes yes...I do think they are corny & funny...but they work. That's why businesses continue to use them. Looking for a creative way to float your marketing message? Contact Vital Signs today!
Bow Flags and Other Wavables

Mobile Marketing ... Marketing On Wheels

Does your business have business vehicles that move about town? This is a no brainer...your business should be utilizing your mobile marketing spaces on all of your vehicles! Okay...maybe you don't own a business fleet of vehicles...maybe your personal vehicle does double-duty for both your personal & business use. That's okay too. You should still use that vehicle space to move your marketing message wherever you travel. Vital Signs can install vehicle graphics to your car in a way that won't be missed. And if you are looking for a removable (daily) option, we can create magnetic signs for your vehicle. If you have to sit in stopped traffic, you should make sure that the delay counts by presenting your company's marketing information for others to read.
Make Your Vehicle Work For You!

Tradeshow Displays

Tradeshow sign opportunities abound! Consider the typical tradeshow space. You've been given a standard 6' (possibly 8') table & two chairs, surrounded by curtains. Vital Signs can design & fabricate the perfect logo tablecloth for your company. A logo tablecloth can have the design placed on the front of the table cloth that hangs in front of the table. Or if you want another option, we can also create a 6' banner that hangs on the front of the table. The curtains which frame the back of the tradeshow space can also serve to host a banner backdrop with your company information. Vital Signs offers a variety of portable table-top custom displays for use on top of the tradeshow table. In addition to table-top displays, many companies utilize a banner stand to attract attention to their booth space. There are a large variety of other marketing ideas which can compliment the average tradeshow space. Please call us today, so we can brainstorm the best options for your next tradeshow!!
Banners, Tablecloths and More for your Tradeshow Space

Window Graphics

Another ad space that should be taken advantage of. The windows of a business serve as the perfect space to send a marketing message. One of the coolest materials that Vital Signs uses for window spaces and vehicles, is a perforated vinyl that will allow for the outside viewer to see the picture/marketing message, while the inside occupants can still see out of the window. Of course, the windows can be used to display needed business information such as hours of operation and phone numbers. But taking advantage of large windows to market in a bigger-than-life colorful and attention-grabbing way, utilizes the space in the best possible way. The windows are a passive part of the business space, why not put them to work for you!!
Using the Logo To For Window Graphics

Floor Graphics

Carpet, wood or concrete (sidewalks) and more, Vital Signs will floor you with a marketing message made for your foot traffic. With new media that adheres to almost any surface, no one will miss your floor surface message! Floor graphics are exploding in advertising popularity. Businesses are learning that the best way to capture a customer's immediate attention, is from the floor which surrounds them! As soon as we learn to walk, we learn to look at where we are going. It's human nature to look at images in our path. But there is nothing that will make a customer smile more quickly, than to place your fun marketing message or event enhancement at their feet. Memorable? You bet! Let Vital Signs show you how it's done.
Sidewalk Graphics To Promote Your Event/Business
So there you have it. These are just a handful of ideas that you could and should be implementing to take full advantage of the various sign marketing opportunities at your disposal. Vital Signs is happy to come out for a FREE sign marketing consultation. Please call us today (412) 494-3308. We're happy to help you get the most bang for your marketing dollars! 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

That's A Wrap!

An Elevator Wrap

If you follow our blog, then you probably already know what a "wrap" is..But for those of you who just happened to land here, let me explain. A "wrap" in the sign and graphics industry, means that a surface is literally wrapped in vinyl graphics/text for the primary purpose of sending advertising messages.

Exploding in popularity, Advertising Wraps are everywhere these days. But today I specifically want to call your attention to our Vital "Elevator Wraps"

The Perfect Ad Delivery Method ~ That's NO Croc!

In my opinion, elevator wraps come about as close to the perfect delivery of an advertising message as possible. Why, you ask? Because the ad space (the elevator) is quite literally there just waiting to transport both people and advertising messages. 

Elevator Captives Riders Do Read Ad Messages

Consider this.. the folks who both wait for and ride an elevator are captives to an advertising message. As a person waits for the elevator to arrive, where do they look? Straight ahead. And after they step into the elevator & it begins to move, where do they look? Again...straight ahead or perhaps on the elevator walls which surround them. An elevator wrap can be both on the exterior and/or interior doors (and even the interior walls for that matter) or all of them!

Elevator Wraps Generate Passive Income

It's true. For the building owner who decides to utilize the elevator ad space to market his/her retail/other building tenant's businesses, you have just created a passive income. Yes..you decide how much to charge that tenant for the advertising opportunity and how frequently the advertising message will change, and Vital Signs will do the work. Talk about a win-win. 

Elevator Wraps WORK!

If you are not utilizing your elevator ad space to generate income and help promote your building tenant's, businesses, I have only two words...Why Not? Please call Vital Signs today. We will be happy to help you plan a Vital E Wraps Campaign for your E space.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Good Sign, Bad Location!

Poor Visibility

We see it all the time in the sign business. We are contacted by a customer who needs a sign or a few of them for their business. When we arrive at their location, it immediately becomes apparent that the business is not in the optimal location for maximum branding visibility. So what is the answer?
Short of moving the business location, how does a customer deal with a less than visible advertising space for their brick and mortar location?

We Can Help

This is the time when we apply our Vital Signs knowledge of various sign types, advertising trends and new products to determine the best branding options for our customer(s). Of course, this knowledge is applied after careful consideration of the city or township permitting laws and the landlord specifications/guidelines, which can also contribute to branding challenges.

We do our absolute best to consider every branding option that we can identify on site. The design of the sign application(s) also becomes especially important in these troublesome business branding locations. For example, we may need to utilize an applied design to the front business windows of a business. We have the perfect perforated vinyl media which provides big color ads to the outside viewer, while still allowing the inside staff and occupants to see out the window.
Using Business Windows To Capture Attention

It may be necessary to bring the ad message outside and away from the building in the form of a brand-popping A Frame Sign. 

Other Challenges..

In some cases the surface of a business property can present complications in the types of hardware or applications which can be secured to it's surface.In these situations, it is necessary to look at several variables which will affect the sign. We must consider the weight of a sign; the size and orientation of the sign; the material the sign is made from; the wind load; the type of hardware used to install the sign; the manner in which the sign will need to be installed and of course, the sign's physical location on the building surface.

The Message

The message is that the Vital Signs Install Team routinely sees these both challenging and quirky visibility and install challenges. Our experienced team can find the perfect solution for your business.

Let us take a look. We are happy to come out to your business location to provide a free consultation and estimate.

Vital Signs Will Get Your Business Noticed! Call Us TODAY! (412) 494-3308

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Ultimate Goodbye...Spoken With Meaningful Images

A Delicate Subject

At the risk of making some folks uncomfortable, while also providing "a good ( "ah ha" moment/idea)  for future reference for others, I am going to tell you about one of Vital Sign's newest product offerings. Now before you decide that we have crossed the lines of decency, please let me paint (or wrap as it were), a picture of the possibilities for you.

We were recently approached by a funeral director who wanted to know if we did "Casket Wraps"?
" Um, well...um, we haven't done it before, but perhaps we could?! " So there it was, an idea we had certainly never thought of, and a market we never anticipated being a part of (at least not until the end of our own lives). But as we always say, we love thinking out of the Vital Signs box, and this request definitely met that criteria. No pun intended.

Specifically, our customer had a life-long friend who was about to pass and had always asked his dear friend to fulfill one of his very specific and personal last requests. That was, to be buried in a casket that looked like a Budweiser Beer Can or if not a can, to at least to pay tribute to this gentleman's lifelong beverage of choice. Our customer obtained the necessary permissions from the Anheuser-Busch company and we were off to pop the lid on this new project concept.

A Humorous Goodbye To/From A Gentleman Who Played Hard & Looked At Life Smiling

A Lasting Tribute

The casket was delivered to Vital Signs, where we disassembled the handles/railings for easier wrapping access. While it was a first for us and initially a bit unsettling, from a wrap standpoint, it was a large object like any other that we wrap.

This idea however, really made us think about Vital Signs offering Casket and Urn Wraps. We decided that while this type of end-of-life personalization might not be for everyone, for others it would be the perfect compliment to saying goodbye. The Casket/Urn Wrap does not have to be comical or irreverent. I can think of many comforting ideas that would enhance this always sad occasion. We are now working on designs for many categories which a family might choose from. For instance: Many topics/categories of interest may have/had a very personal and deep meaning to the deceased and/or family. Creating a wrap design that might speak to a person's life-long hobby; a loved sports team; a beloved pet; a family home; military service; gardening; firefighter/policeman; a humorous tradition or just meaningful scripture with a religious themed wrap may serve to complete the service in a very comforting way for the family, as well as for those in attendance. 

Funeral Homes are offering many personalization options within the context of themed funerals for it's customers. End-of-life Wraps are just one more aspect of this personalization. Vital Signs Design Team will always work to provide a Casket or Urn Wrap that is complimentary and tasteful to the desires of the decendent's family wishes. This specialty wrap will add a 2-3 day delay to the beginning of the Funeral Home viewing schedule.



Pittsburgh Specific


A trademarked name/brand cannot be used without permission. Vital Signs would prefer to create designs that do not have any trademarked brand/product included in the Casket Wrap design(s). But for the sake of showing you the Casket Wrap concept, we did use some content above that would require permissions if we were actually creating one of the trademarked brands shown.

Oddly Peaceful & Comforting...

We understand that this idea is not for everyone. We also know that this type of customization will likely appeal only to a family or individual who wishes to have a very individual-specific personalization. We truly believe that an 'End Of Life' Wrap will memorialize a decedent in a very comforting, personal and unique way. When I think about all of the deceased members of my family who proudly served in our military services, I can't help but think about how nice it would have been to honor them and to say my last goodbyes in such a beautiful way. It's almost as if they are being wrapped in a final hug by an image of something that they greatly loved or enjoyed in their lives while living. And that makes me smile.

What Do You Think?

Please share your thoughts with us on this new 'End Of Life' Casket/Urn Wrap idea. Can you think of any design ideas that would have been meaningful for someone who passed on in your family?