Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Kindness Counts!

A Friendly Reminder..

The Aftermath Of Hate

On October 27, 2018, the world watched in horror as news about the latest mass shooting which took place at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA was broadcast. Sadly, these stories are becoming more commonplace. If it isn't a shooting, it is the daily war of politics, accusations and pointing fingers. In short, we have become a society of angry battling egos, or so it seems.

What A Great Message!

Enter Kindness Zone Signs 

I am consistently impressed with the progressive ideas and innovations that Pittsburgh has included in it's growth plan. And though the recent idea of placing 25 Kindness Zone Signs throughout the city is a simple one and may seem small to some, I love it! And no, Vital Signs didn't make the signs, but we think it's a great message to remind people of.

In response to the handful of people who were upset about the signs and their potential costs, Mayor Peduto explained that the city's sign shop made the signs with existing materials at no cost to the city.

Let's Make It Viral!

My only suggestion is that we should add these signs to every neighborhood! Truly, we are so bombarded with the "ugliness" of our world today, that I find it refreshing to see a positive message reminding us of who we were meant to be, not only as individuals, but as a city of diverse residents. I also think that these Kindness Zone Signs let our visitors and tourists know, that we value kindness. What better impression is there to make than that...Pull up a chair & enjoy some Pittsburgh kindness!!


Kudos to the city of Pittsburgh and Mayor Peduto for letting others know that kindness is one of the many positive things that Pittsburgh would like to be known for.

If Vital Signs can help you with any type of sign or custom graphics application, please give us a call or stop in. And yes...Kindness Counts!

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