Monday, April 15, 2019

Experiential Graphics.. It's A Thing!

Larger Than Life Impact

Experiential Graphics: 

The act of being surrounded and immersed in graphics that tell a story. Branding and advertising has always been about selling a product or service to consumers. But now more than ever, advertisers are beginning to understand the importance of interactive storytelling and forming long-term connections with their customers through those graphic stories.

The marketing approach is no longer focused on just product-plus branding anymore. The focus is on every customer touch point--from the first ad that is seen, through the use/consumption of the product/service. The use of experiential graphics should engage customers in a memorable way that will form long-term connections and thus, brand loyalty.

How Is It Achieved?

There are a variety of ways that any business can offer a total immersion experience to their customers, such as:

Coming Soon: New Lego Bar In Pittsburgh - Bricksburgh 

Lego Fare Offered: Lego Shaped Mugs & Burgers With Brick Shaped Buns

Harry Potter Themed Restaurant

Pop-Up Retail/Restaurant Spaces: One of the newer trends in many communities are temporary shops, bars, salons and restaurants. Many, with the intention of offering a temporary business product/service, offer spaces with a very specifically designed theme. These designs can include floor graphics; environmental graphics; wall murals (images & fabric applications); window graphics; life-sized stand-ups; POP; danglers from the ceiling, etc.

Typical Pediatrician Office With Custom Art Created By Children

A Children's Hospital Total Immersion Design

Digitized Hand-Drawn/Large Format Art: 

Rapidly expanding in popularity, many businesses are customizing their design space to attract their target market. For instance, children's hospitals everywhere are designing their environments to make their young patients feel comfortable and safe. Some artwork used are custom, hand-drawn images which have been enlarged to cover walls. While other spaces may utilize easily purchased usable large art files of subject-specific images.

Interactive Graphics:

Another popular and growing trend with experiential graphics is using interactive graphics displays. That is, wall murals, artwork and custom displays can include opportunities for customers to physically interact with the display in some way (share messages; sign, draw, turn dials, or in the case below, visit the Marine Museum at Quantico and experience the feeling of arriving as a new Marine..standing on the yellow footprints & being yelled at as a new recruit.

It doesn't Get Any Better Than This Experience!

Fun, Interactive Display

Advertising Wraps:

Advertising Wraps are not just for cars! This is especially true when considering a total immersion experience. Whether it's a wall wrap; a furniture wrap, a floor/ceiling or object wrap, the possibilities are endless. Trying to add some quaint, brick charm to a room? Wrap the walls with a true (vinyl or fabric applied) textured look.

Contour Cut Signage And Dimensional Letters:

Unique & Cool Sign Design

There will always be a place for dimensional letters and contour cut signage in experiential graphics and design. Having 3D signage will always attract attention, particularly with the proper lighting, color and design of the signage.

POP Displays:

Point-of-purchase displays add attention-getting visual interest to most product/service settings. POP displays are becoming much more creative, fun and effective in their designs.

An Inviting Bart Simpson Display in a Supermarket

Industries Utilizing Experiential Graphics/Branding:

  • Airports
  • Casinos
  • Entertainment/Hospitality Venues
  • Hallways
  • Hotels
  • Landmarks
  • Large Meeting Rooms
  • Museums
  • Office Space
  • Public Gathering Areas
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Spaces
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sports Venues

Time To Evaluate

Is your brand offering a storytelling and memorable experience to your customers and potential customers? Does the coolness of the interior design of your business/brand scream out for anyone who visits to take a selfie? Obviously, some types of businesses are perfect for the total immersion brand experience. But there is always room for improvement. Take a look around your physical space and online presence. Could it be improved? Need a brand refresher?? Call Vital Signs TODAY!

We are happy to work with you in developing your brand presence in a more visual way. Fortunately for you, Vital Signs designs and produces most of the design ideas listed above. Now that you know Experiential Graphics and branding is the 2019 trend, let the Vital Signs design team help you to do a little brand-standing!!

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