Monday, October 30, 2017

Buy The Candy

It's Halloween Time

Once a year kids everywhere will excitedly put on their spooky or fun Halloween costumes to visit all of their neighbors with their sing-song chorus of " Trick or Treat ".  They will eagerly fill their bags with all of the goodies they can hold. Of course they will ingest enough sugar to cause a pseudo ADHD effect that may last for as long as the candy does. 

No Doubt About This Message

Almost as fun as watching the kids in their creative costumes are the fun and sometimes spooky over-the-top Halloween decorations. Back in the day when our kids were small, Halloween decorations were a bit more simple than they are today. I don't know if decorations have become more competitive (the way neighbors sometime compete at Christmas) or if there is just a whole lot of Halloween enthusiasm for ghoulish graphics and such. They have entire stores dedicated to just Halloween decorations and costumes.

Love This!

We Have Not Been Asked To Make These CREEPY  Restroom Signs
My Husband Already Knew This

Smile or Fear Producing?

And This..

In any event, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some Halloween signs I found online. If you need any custom Halloween signs for your home, office or party, just give us S-C-R-E-A-M!

Fun Idea

Let Trick Or Treaters See This Sign At Your Own Risk!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Google Brand

Let's Get Googley

Google Ann Arbor, Michigan

Some of you may remember a blog post that I wrote in September 2015 about Sign ROI  in which I used Google as an example of a company that does branding well. Most, if not all of us have had an opportunity (or 50) to smile at the variety of Google Logo iterations when doing our Google searches online.

Few companies can boast that their logo has universal appeal and memorability, but Google is one of those companies who can make that claim and it's true. Even folks in (do I dare say it), my "empty nester" and beyond age range who may qualify as tech-challenged, can identify the typically brightly colored Google logo online.

In my original post, I wanted to point out how expertly Google has used signage both on the exteriors and interiors of their Google spaces. I did borrow some images that my Google search found for me of their unique Google facilities, since I had never had the opportunity to visit a Google space in person... until this past weekend!

Google "G" Dimensional Letter


Google Familia Banner

Can I tell you that I am still trying to wrap my mind around the absolutely coolest work place I have ever had the pleasure to visit!

Fun Google Factoid Sign

It's Halloween Time At Google
As a Native-American/Woman-Owned business, I was invited to be part of a very unique class on Digital Marketing Strategy that Google and the Tuck Center For Digital Strategies developed to assist small minority companies. The majority of the class was held at one of Google's newest facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Google graciously shared their space, their employees (fondly known as Googlers) and their time to host our entrepreneurial class. One of the optional offerings was to take a tour of their facility.

As we toured the various spaces and rooms, it was apparent to all of us that the Googley, fun personality of the brand is displayed wherever one looks. As a sign and graphics manufacturer, I was literally like a kid in a candy store. Wall/Window & Door Wraps; Murals; Colorful Artwork/Graphics; Branded Games in the game rooms; The Google Familia Banner; Dimensional Letters; Informational Signs and more. I was, as they say across the pond, 'Gob-smacked' and still am.

Fun Google Graphics

Taking A Google "Break"

Living The Brand

ADA Gender Inclusive Restroom Sign

Graphic Door Wrap

We work with many businesses of various sizes, though I have never seen a company so completely embrace their brand in such a big, colorful and penetrating way. Even the directory sign (which lists room locations) had the edges customized with the Google primary colors. And though I did not see a plaque, I would bet that this Google location has a strong LEED rating based on the variety of eco materials that were used in it's fabrication. In short, there was no detail missed and the entire facility is a reflection of a company that knows who they are and how to keep their employees happy. I would be lying if I didn't tell you that one cannot take the Google Tour without secretly wishing that they too, could become a Newgler (new Google Employee). But since my digital marketing skill sets are not up to par yet, I will just stick to the signs and graphics manufacturing we do here at Vital Signs.

Interior Directory Sign With Custom Colored Edging

In fact, many of the crazy cool graphic products that I saw at Google, can be designed and produced in our facility right here in Pittsburgh. As I have said in the past, there are very credentialed folks who have done studies and determined that when employees are happy in their work environment, they are more positive and productive. It's true. Think about how many hours we spend in our jobs. Being surrounded by fun, infectious design and big color makes people feel happy, and that translates into productivity!


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A special thank you to Google and TheTuck Business School for helping to expand my knowledge and blow my mind...all at the same time!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

When Sign Code Enforcement Goes Too Far


I just returned from a trip to Florida this past weekend. When watching the news one night, one of the nightly stories caught my attention. The story was about the local municipality's code enforcement officer not allowing a resident to place a sign outside. The sign was a simple "Thank You" to the local power company for their hardworking efforts at restoring power after Hurricane Irma.

Now I don't know about you, but I think a public thank you sign placed outside for a few days should not be a problem. I mean afterall, most public utilities don't receive a lot of thanks, particularly in the aftermath of such catastrophic power outages as Irma produced. The power company staff was forced to put in many overtime hours to restore power to many communities.

Kindness Begets Kindness

The sign thank you to the power company was a nice gesture on the resident's part. But the bigger message, in my opinion, was modeling a kind gesture to those residents around the community. Our society is constantly plagued with horrible news stories, terrorist attacks, oppression and more. Yet, one man's thank you had to be removed because rules are rules. So instead of sharing the message of kindness and good will, the resident was forced to remove the sign.

The Value Of The Message

How nice it would have been to see the township embrace the sign and it's sentiment and capitalize on the PR it could have brought in a positive way, instead of turning the whole event into a negative. Sometimes the message is bigger than what is written on the sign.

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