Thursday, July 25, 2019

Pittsburgh Progress

The Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)

Vital Signs does a large amount of work for the PIT in various capacities. Recently, we had the enjoyable opportunity to make signs for a very neat project, which was just unveiled at the airport yesterday (July 24, 2019). The project is a new sensory room, called Presley's Place.

Presley's Place is being touted as the most comprehensive sensory-friendly airport suite in the world. The room was designed to accommodate individuals who are on the Autism spectrum; have sensory processing issues or other neurodevelopmental challenges. The idea for the room came from Jason Rudge, a PIT heavy equipment operation and the father of 4 year old Presley.

The Un-Veiling of Presley's Place

How Will The Room Help?

The link between brain and behavior is called 'sensory integration'. Most folks are able to regulate (receive and respond) to the various stimuli that they receive all day long, but for others there can be serious challenges in integrating the incoming stimuli. Add to this, the fact that airline travel is already stressful for most of us. It can be overwhelming for a person with sensory challenges.

Presley's Place Complete With Bubble Tubes

Enter Pittsburgh International Airport

Presley Checking Things Out

Presley In The Mock Airplane Cabin

The Pittsburgh Airport is in the midst of a costly, but much needed redevelopment effort. I think that the addition of this sensory room is not only inspired, it's smart! Presley's Place offers a calming respite for travelers with sensory processing issues and their families to de-escalate prior to getting on a plane or even after landing. To best understand the needs of this community, a variety of parents; caregivers and professionals were brought together to share their experiences and to offer suggestions for the room's design.

Key Features of Presley's Place (1500 sf) include:

  • A realistic airplane cabin experience
  • Private Soundproof Spaces
  • Adjustable Lighting
  • Transitional space between the concourse and room with real-time flight information and interactive terminal map
  • A sensory-friendly restroom with adult changing station and adjustable sink
  • Comfortable Seating
  • Individual Rooms With Bubble Tubes 

Kudos to the Pittsburgh International Airport

Presley's Place is one shining example of the airport's on-going commitment to serve ALL passengers! Thanks for allowing Vital Signs to be a part of such a rewarding project!

We Can Help Execute Your Vision Too!

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* Images & information for this post was obtained from the Pittsburgh International Airport website.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Need Signs?

Obtaining signage for your business or event does not have to be a hassle. In fact, we work hard to make the process easy for you. There are considerations to think about when obtaining signage.

Some of the sign details and questions you should consider when planning for your sign(s) are listed below:

  • Where will my sign be used (Interior or Exterior)?
  • What type of sign material should I use (soft or hard)?
  • Do I want a basic sign, high-end sign or something in between?
  • Budget.. What can I afford to spend on signage?
  • Do I need to consider the cost/financing of my signage before I start a business?
  • How do I want the sign mounted?
  • What surface will the sign be mounted to?
  • What type of mount do I need? Hidden or Decorative.
  • How high on the building/surface will my sign be mounted?
  • How long do I need this sign to last?
  • What size/shape do I want/need the sign to be?
  • Do I need a single- sided or double- sided sign?
  • Do I want an illuminated, non-illuminated or indirectly luminated sign?
  • Are there landlord sign guidelines in my lease?
  • Am I required to comply with a franchise sign design?
  • Do I have the occupancy permit for my business location?
  • Do I have a logo for my business?
  • Do I have a design for my sign?
  • Do I need a designer or can I work with your design staff?
  • How many colors do I want to use?
  • Do I want to use a specific font/text for my sign?
  • Do my colors need to be very specific? (PMS/Pantone color chart)

Not sure about the answers to these questions? Give us a call! We will be happy to discuss all of the details with you, make suggestions and brainstorm the possibilities! 

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Kindness Counts!

A Friendly Reminder..

The Aftermath Of Hate

On October 27, 2018, the world watched in horror as news about the latest mass shooting which took place at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA was broadcast. Sadly, these stories are becoming more commonplace. If it isn't a shooting, it is the daily war of politics, accusations and pointing fingers. In short, we have become a society of angry battling egos, or so it seems.

What A Great Message!

Enter Kindness Zone Signs 

I am consistently impressed with the progressive ideas and innovations that Pittsburgh has included in it's growth plan. And though the recent idea of placing 25 Kindness Zone Signs throughout the city is a simple one and may seem small to some, I love it! And no, Vital Signs didn't make the signs, but we think it's a great message to remind people of.

In response to the handful of people who were upset about the signs and their potential costs, Mayor Peduto explained that the city's sign shop made the signs with existing materials at no cost to the city.

Let's Make It Viral!

My only suggestion is that we should add these signs to every neighborhood! Truly, we are so bombarded with the "ugliness" of our world today, that I find it refreshing to see a positive message reminding us of who we were meant to be, not only as individuals, but as a city of diverse residents. I also think that these Kindness Zone Signs let our visitors and tourists know, that we value kindness. What better impression is there to make than that...Pull up a chair & enjoy some Pittsburgh kindness!!


Kudos to the city of Pittsburgh and Mayor Peduto for letting others know that kindness is one of the many positive things that Pittsburgh would like to be known for.

If Vital Signs can help you with any type of sign or custom graphics application, please give us a call or stop in. And yes...Kindness Counts!

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

When Every Traffic Jam Is A Branding Opportunity

A Van New Make-Over!


If you have followed our Vital Signs blog for awhile, you know that I love a good Before & After story and one of our recent projects is the perfect branding example. Many businesses have the need to use a truck, van or other large vehicles for deliveries and such. Savvy business owner who utilize delivery vehicles are rapidly recognizing that branding their delivery vehicle(s) with advertising graphics can get their business huge branding exposure.

How much you ask? Well according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, more than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers. One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions daily. In fact, fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.

Every delivery is an opportunity for brand exposure to all pedestrian traffic; other driver traffic and for anyone who views a wrapped vehicle throughout the duration of it's daily travels.

Let The Fun Begin

World of Rugs Beautiful Showroom

Aside from the fact that we enjoy installing cool graphics on vehicles, we especially enjoy seeing our customers generate new business with their vehicle graphics/wraps. We were excited when approached by World of Rugs located in the Robinson Town Centre in Robinson, PA. to wrap their delivery van.

Now what many folks may not realize about a vehicle wrap is that there are varying degrees of graphic coverage. The area to be covered is determined by the customer of course, but can cover  portions of a vehicle or the entire vehicle. With World of Rugs, we started with a true blank slate..that is, a plain white van.

Good Design Counts!



A good design is a memorable design. The Vital Signs Design Team collaborated with World of Rugs to create a large, colorful wrap design. Not all companies can utilize one of their products within the design of a vehicle wrap, but World of Rugs had the perfect product to incorporate within the design (a colorful image of one of their beautiful, hand-crafted rugs). I like it when a wrap can include an image of what a company produces. Pedestrians and other driver traffic have only a short period of moments to view a passing vehicle wrap. With the World of Rugs van, it is easy for viewers to process the image of the rug on the van and know immediately what the company is advertising. The viewer can then focus on the contact information of the company.

Unique Wrap Design

Do People Really Notice?

With 96% of Americans traveling in a vehicle as a driver or passenger within a one week period, vehicle wraps make sense, and yes, they are noticed! 30% of mobile outdoor viewers base buying decisions on ads they see. 98% of in-car riders indicated that they noticed vehicle/truck-side graphics. Not only that, when comparing CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), Vehicle graphics/wraps cost far less than other forms of advertising. Vehicle Wraps are a true advertising power-horse, they work around the clock. Our customers have consistently shared with us how effective their vehicle wraps have been in providing great brand exposure and increased business.

We Happen To Know...

Huge Variety of Handmade Rugs

Because we have purchased a lovely living room rug from World of Rugs, we happen to know the quality of the rugs that they sell. With a selection of over 4000 rugs which include: Persians; Decorative Orientals; Contemporary and Tribal, there is truly a style for everyone! We already know what great products that World of Rugs has to offer..but now with their new vehicle wrap, World of Rugs extends a daily mobile invitation for everyone else to come visit their lovely showroom and see for themselves!

We Can Help Craft Your Mobile Marketing Message Too!

Say YES to a Vehicle Wrap!!

If you are thinking about adding a vehicle(s) wrap to your marketing mix, please give Vital Signs a call TODAY! We can help turn your traffic jams into advertising opportunities.

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Friday, May 3, 2019

Seasonal Signs

Spring & Summer Events

I'm going to go out on a limb (since we live in Pittsburgh) and guess that warm weather may soon be here on a full-time basis. Warm weather signals the blooming of foliage and flowers, as well as many annual events.

Family Reunions

Families everywhere will come together to celebrate their annual family reunion. Signs and banners are a great way to commemorate the occasion.

  • Family Reunion Banner/Sign
  • Family Reunion Directional Signs
  • Picture Backdrops

Your Custom Reunion Yard Sign


It's That Time Of Year!

Many families will celebrate the graduation of a child or love one from high school or college. Vital Signs offers a variety of sign/graphic products to help set the mood.

Fun For Selfies!

We Can Make A Customized Graduate Banner

  • Graduation Banner/Signs
  • Graduation Backdrops
  • Life-Sized Stand-Up of the Graduate
  • Large image of Graduate for messages & signatures
  • Off-To-College Signs/Banners
  • Hand-held Graduation Face
  • Graduation Yard Signs/Directional Signs


Weddings are universally in abundance in warm weather. As our digital and graphics capabilities continue to expand, there are several various types of wedding signs/banners & decor that we can produce for you!

Couple Signs

  • Wayfinding/Directional Signs
  • Couple Signs/Banners
  • Floor Graphics
  • Picture Backdrops
  • Seating Charts
  • Wedding Decor (Custom Drink Cooler, etc.)
  • Table/Chair Signs
  • Couple Stand-Ups
  • Table Centerpieces/Decor

Wedding Cooler And Decor

If you're getting ready to plan one of these memorable seasonal events, Vital Signs can help!! Call us TODAY so we can assist with the planning. Our design team is happy to help make your event everything you want it to be..unforgettable!

Call Vital Signs For Your Event Needs!

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Experiential Graphics.. It's A Thing!

Larger Than Life Impact

Experiential Graphics: 

The act of being surrounded and immersed in graphics that tell a story. Branding and advertising has always been about selling a product or service to consumers. But now more than ever, advertisers are beginning to understand the importance of interactive storytelling and forming long-term connections with their customers through those graphic stories.

The marketing approach is no longer focused on just product-plus branding anymore. The focus is on every customer touch point--from the first ad that is seen, through the use/consumption of the product/service. The use of experiential graphics should engage customers in a memorable way that will form long-term connections and thus, brand loyalty.

How Is It Achieved?

There are a variety of ways that any business can offer a total immersion experience to their customers, such as:

Coming Soon: New Lego Bar In Pittsburgh - Bricksburgh 

Lego Fare Offered: Lego Shaped Mugs & Burgers With Brick Shaped Buns

Harry Potter Themed Restaurant

Pop-Up Retail/Restaurant Spaces: One of the newer trends in many communities are temporary shops, bars, salons and restaurants. Many, with the intention of offering a temporary business product/service, offer spaces with a very specifically designed theme. These designs can include floor graphics; environmental graphics; wall murals (images & fabric applications); window graphics; life-sized stand-ups; POP; danglers from the ceiling, etc.

Typical Pediatrician Office With Custom Art Created By Children

A Children's Hospital Total Immersion Design

Digitized Hand-Drawn/Large Format Art: 

Rapidly expanding in popularity, many businesses are customizing their design space to attract their target market. For instance, children's hospitals everywhere are designing their environments to make their young patients feel comfortable and safe. Some artwork used are custom, hand-drawn images which have been enlarged to cover walls. While other spaces may utilize easily purchased usable large art files of subject-specific images.

Interactive Graphics:

Another popular and growing trend with experiential graphics is using interactive graphics displays. That is, wall murals, artwork and custom displays can include opportunities for customers to physically interact with the display in some way (share messages; sign, draw, turn dials, or in the case below, visit the Marine Museum at Quantico and experience the feeling of arriving as a new Marine..standing on the yellow footprints & being yelled at as a new recruit.

It doesn't Get Any Better Than This Experience!

Fun, Interactive Display

Advertising Wraps:

Advertising Wraps are not just for cars! This is especially true when considering a total immersion experience. Whether it's a wall wrap; a furniture wrap, a floor/ceiling or object wrap, the possibilities are endless. Trying to add some quaint, brick charm to a room? Wrap the walls with a true (vinyl or fabric applied) textured look.

Contour Cut Signage And Dimensional Letters:

Unique & Cool Sign Design

There will always be a place for dimensional letters and contour cut signage in experiential graphics and design. Having 3D signage will always attract attention, particularly with the proper lighting, color and design of the signage.

POP Displays:

Point-of-purchase displays add attention-getting visual interest to most product/service settings. POP displays are becoming much more creative, fun and effective in their designs.

An Inviting Bart Simpson Display in a Supermarket

Industries Utilizing Experiential Graphics/Branding:

  • Airports
  • Casinos
  • Entertainment/Hospitality Venues
  • Hallways
  • Hotels
  • Landmarks
  • Large Meeting Rooms
  • Museums
  • Office Space
  • Public Gathering Areas
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Spaces
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sports Venues

Time To Evaluate

Is your brand offering a storytelling and memorable experience to your customers and potential customers? Does the coolness of the interior design of your business/brand scream out for anyone who visits to take a selfie? Obviously, some types of businesses are perfect for the total immersion brand experience. But there is always room for improvement. Take a look around your physical space and online presence. Could it be improved? Need a brand refresher?? Call Vital Signs TODAY!

We are happy to work with you in developing your brand presence in a more visual way. Fortunately for you, Vital Signs designs and produces most of the design ideas listed above. Now that you know Experiential Graphics and branding is the 2019 trend, let the Vital Signs design team help you to do a little brand-standing!!

Vital Signs (412) 494-3308

Friday, March 15, 2019

Sandwich Sign.. Anyone?

In Your Face Advertising

Current Specials Happening

Most people have seen them. I am talking about Sandwich Signs aka A Frame Signs. Every day in any city or country, A Frame signs dot the sidewalks or open spaces in front of restaurants, cafes and other types of businesses. An A Frame/Sandwich Sign can be simple, rustic or fancy in their design but always have a specific advertising purpose.

Daily Specials

Trivia Night

Many businesses choose to use a sidewalk sign to advertise their daily specials or happy hours. Placing an A Frame on the sidewalk or space in front of one's business is marketing to a very specific group of people. Typically these signs market to sidewalk pedestrian traffic or others who might be driving by. Utilizing sidewalk signs to market is a great way to capture the potential customer(s) walking by who had not planned on visiting the business, but happened to see a delicious picture of the lunch special and decided to go in for lunch. 

Fun Scooby Sign...Cleaver!

Big Bang For Your Sign Marketing Bucks

Who Can Resist This Image?

A Frame signs now come in a variety of sizes and are made from different materials (wood, pvc). Of course A Frames/Sidewalk Signs are used for non-branding purposes, including wayfinding or perhaps a temporary message (wet floors), etc. They can be of a lightweight design for easy storing when not in use. A Frames can also be fabricated from heavy-duty plastic which can be weighted down with sand, sandbags or water to keep the sign stationary for longer periods of time.

Design Aesthetic

Event Signage

While there may be many A Frame sign types to choose from, some savvy restauranteurs know the value of using an attractive wooden A Frame sign. Creatively written menus on a chalk surface can add charm & whimsy to a one-of-a-kind eatery.

Simple, But Upscale

Have We Got A Sign For You!

Current Event Signage

Want to capitalize on all of the storefront foot traffic in front of your business? We can help! Please give us a call to discuss the best A Frame options for your business!

Call Vital Signs TODAY!

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Friday, February 1, 2019

The Sky's The Limit..Really!!

When Ceilings Become Part Of The Design Esthetic

The Ceiling Is The Focal Point Of These Wall Treatments

I enjoy reading our sign and graphics trade publications because they keep me informed of design trends. Having the knowledge of design trends in turn, helps us in working with customers. One of the most recent design trends I read about within the wallpaper arena, is covering the ceiling with wallpaper. As I looked around online, I found some very cool examples of these ceiling wallpaper applications. Vital Signs did not produce or install the following examples, but we certainly have the capacity to, we just need that first, bold customer or designer who wants to make a statement!

A Variety Of Medias To Choose From

An Attractive Wood-Look Ceiling Application

One of the very best things I like about this wallpaper ceiling idea is that Vital Signs has a variety of suitable medias that we can choose from to make custom wallpaper. With the explosion of printable medias, using the most appropriate type of media for the space/surface is easy to determine.

Total Design Immersion

Types Of Media

Surface Appropriate: Depending upon the surface to be covered, Vital Signs' offers medias which will work on a textured, uneven or flat surface.

Making A Bold Design Statement

Media Material: There are always questions to be answered before choosing the specific media for printing and applying. For instance, how long do you desire the wallcovering/ceiling covering to stay applied to the surface? We now have media which is used for short term periods of time. Concerned about glue on your wall? We have a thin, fabric media which is a peel & stick product.

The Ease Of Peel And Stick Fabric Media

Traditional Wallpaper: For those who prefer traditional wallpaper, Vital Signs has that as well. Our wallpaper media is not made to be adhesive-backed and does require wallpaper glue. But rest assured, we can create a one-of-a-kind design on your custom wallpaper!

Just The Right Subtle, Yet Monochromatic Touch

Finish: Matte or shiny, we've got you covered.

For All Of The Dolphin-Loving Folks!

There really are more choices than ever if you truly want a custom space. Not sure about what design you want? Give us a call. Our design team is very skilled at considering ALL of the design details.

We're Waiting For Your Call!

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