Friday, March 15, 2019

Sandwich Sign.. Anyone?

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Most people have seen them. I am talking about Sandwich Signs aka A Frame Signs. Every day in any city or country, A Frame signs dot the sidewalks or open spaces in front of restaurants, cafes and other types of businesses. An A Frame/Sandwich Sign can be simple, rustic or fancy in their design but always have a specific advertising purpose.

Daily Specials

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Many businesses choose to use a sidewalk sign to advertise their daily specials or happy hours. Placing an A Frame on the sidewalk or space in front of one's business is marketing to a very specific group of people. Typically these signs market to sidewalk pedestrian traffic or others who might be driving by. Utilizing sidewalk signs to market is a great way to capture the potential customer(s) walking by who had not planned on visiting the business, but happened to see a delicious picture of the lunch special and decided to go in for lunch. 

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A Frame signs now come in a variety of sizes and are made from different materials (wood, pvc). Of course A Frames/Sidewalk Signs are used for non-branding purposes, including wayfinding or perhaps a temporary message (wet floors), etc. They can be of a lightweight design for easy storing when not in use. A Frames can also be fabricated from heavy-duty plastic which can be weighted down with sand, sandbags or water to keep the sign stationary for longer periods of time.

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While there may be many A Frame sign types to choose from, some savvy restauranteurs know the value of using an attractive wooden A Frame sign. Creatively written menus on a chalk surface can add charm & whimsy to a one-of-a-kind eatery.

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