Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Who Needs A Sign Permit?

I'll Just Put The Sign Up Without One...

When In Doubt....Just Ask Us!

Let me say this loud and clear...Do so at your own risk! Risk of what you ask? Businesses who choose to bypass the local township/city ordinances, paperwork and sign fees associated with business signage may face a fine and forced removal of the offending sign. We get it...it's a hassle (and usually an annual hassle) of paying the township/city their fees related to one's business signage.

A Cautionary Tale

Once there was a business (or more) who opted to go online and buy a good deal on a sign while bypassing the township/city signage ordinances. The "good deal" sign still set the business owner back several hundred dollars, but the business owner rationalized the cost savings of his good friend helping him to install the sign (without the also necessary certified electrician or required electrical permit.) The sign was installed on the side of the business and looked nice, the business owner was happy...UNTIL...he received a summons to see the magistrate for illegally putting up a sign without a permit. What the business owner did not consider was that the "good deal" sign that he purchased might not even be allowable by the landlord or township at his business address, thus potentially losing the several hundred dollars that he paid for the sign and any possible fines for violating the signage ordinances and laws in his area. This tale is unfortunately a true story that plays out daily in various towns and communities. 

We Understand...

We truly understand shoestring marketing budgets, expensive signs and all of the paperwork & fees that go with them, but the cost of not following the signage ordinances as they are written, may be more costly to a business than just doing things the right way in the first place. Don't want to deal with the headaches of paperwork and permits? We can help! At Vital Signs, we pride ourselves on striving to eliminate the hassles of obtaining signage for our customers. We are happy to explain the process or take care of it for you. 

Need Information On Signage Ordinances In Your Township?

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