Monday, July 25, 2016

Time To Take A Signage Inventory

Visuals Count

Make Your Windows Count!

How often do you take an inventory of your signage? If you're saying to yourself, would fall into the majority of most business owners. Signage is often a last thought. Most business owners forget to include signage from the beginning of the marketing plan of their business, which is a big mistake.

Use Color To Your Advantage

The reality is that signage should play a huge part in your marketing plan. Certainly signage serves the purpose of identifying your business and/or providing wayfinding directions to your customers. But if planned & designed correctly, your signs can do a lot more than just direct people to a location.

Look Around..

Take a pencil & paper & walk around your business. Use a critical eye in trying to identify each opportunity for signage that you could be taking advantage of. Do you utilize any/all of your windows for branding? What about wall signage? Is your reception area adequately branded? Does your floor have large expanses of area which could handle colorful floor graphics? Do you have any stairs that could be enhanced by graphics?
Bold Impact!

What about the ceiling? Is it appropriate to hang a large, graphic piece to a room to send a big message? And what about your existing signage? Is it fresh and attractive or maybe time for a new look? Are there any opportunities to include your brand in upscale design elements?

Larger Than Life Branding Utilizing Ceiling Space

What about your outside signage? Have you taken advantage of every branding opportunity that is available to you? Can you "wrap" a bench, chair or trash receptacle? Have you used every allowable outdoor signage opportunity to your best advantage?

A Big Message That Can't Be Missed

Do you have any elevators that could share your branding message. Elevators are great areas to send your message to those people already on the elevator or those waiting to get onto the elevator.

Capture Riders With Your Elevator Wrap Branding Message!

Don't Waste Your Signage Opportunities

Think about this. You already pay a hefty rental or mortgage amount with a lot of overhead just to have a business. Don't you owe it to yourself to capitalize on every bit of branding that you can create? 

Go Big Or Go Home!

Not sure where to start? Give Vital Signs a call. We are happy to send one of our design professionals out to help evaluate your space inside & out to make branding suggestions. You've heard it a million times, in business you have to set your business apart from the rest. That doesn't just mean with the products & services you provide. Your physical business impression should send a message that people will remember.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Magnetic Marketing

Yes...It's A Thing

So what am I talking about? Is it a dynamic marketing message or just marketing on a magnetic sign? Both! There are few people who have not seen a pair of magnetic signs on some company vehicle driving around, right. But there are various ways to use magnetic signs.

Magnetic Car Signs

The most typical and widely viewed way to use magnetic signs is on a vehicle. The convenience of their size and remove-ability makes them a popular choice to get a branding message out. But magnetic signs can be used in different settings as well.

On A Wall

Home Schedule

On a Wall? You bet. Have a magnetic surface or wall within your business or home? You may wish to get your marketing message out by using changeable magnetic signs. Any wall can become a magnetic surface with a coating of magnetic paint. Want to keep track of a schedule, grocery list or just let the kids produce their works of art? Why not put a dry-erase board with a magnetic backer right onto the wall. Vital Signs can help you with the design.

On A Menu Board

Easy-To-Change Menu Board

Many restaurants have figured out that their menu selections or  pricing needs to be changed frequently. By having a magnetic menu board system, making changes to food selections or pricing becomes an easy and inexpensive change. Creating an attractive and custom magnetic menu system is easy and does not have to break the budget in the process.

Safety or Countdown Signs

Safety or Countdown Signs

Need to motivate employees by showing how many days the company has gone without having an accident? Or maybe your having a company-wide countdown until the Corporate Anniversary Event. Magnetic signs work great for this type of need.

Gallery Wall

Magnetic Gallery Wall

Want a great idea of how to use those family pictures you have thrown in a box or other creative artwork? Creating a magnetic gallery wall is the perfect idea. What better way to showcase your many memories or design esthetic than to keep a changeable wall gallery.

Kid's Room Design

Kid's Room Magnetic Wall Design

Kids love to play with things that they can manipulate. A magnetic wall is the perfect solution for allowing creativity to bloom or zoom. Whether it's magnetic cars on a magnetic road, magnetic paper dolls or ABC's and 123's, magnetic design is a fun & smart solution for kids.

That Reminds Me...

Hey..all of this discussion about the smart uses for magnetic signs reminds me that Vital Signs has just launched it's 3rd Quarter Build Your Brand GIVEAWAY. And guess what? Our third quarter GIVEAWAY is a pair of magnetic signs up to size 18 X 24. That's right..Vital Signs is going to help you to market your business or send a message with magnetic signs. All you have to do, is to go to our Vital Signs Homepage: Vital Signs Build Your Brand GIVEAWAY to sign up. You can even sign up every day if you are so inclined. The more you enter, the better your chances. Now granted, it's not the Powerball, an HGTV house or 12 Days of Christmas Ellen giveaway..but FREE is FREE and we love giving back to our local community. So be sure to get your entries in!!

Magnetic Brainstorming

Have an idea for magnetic signs that we can help with? The Vital Signs Design Team is ready for your call! Call Us Today! 

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