Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Importance of Color In Branding

Does Color Really Matter?

There are a multitude of details to consider when deciding to start a business. If the business is a franchise, then the chances are that a logo has already been designed and established as a brand. But what if you are starting from scratch. There are details to consider when designing the logo for your new business. Among the details are the color choices that will be used for your new brand.

It's All About Perception

With 80% of our human experience filtered through our eyes, visual cues are vital to successfully getting a message across. More than text or shape, the color a brand chooses is its calling card. Color is a signifier, one that commands our attention, and enables companies to establish a brand identity that can become larger than life. It's crucial when making color decisions for your brand or product to consider how your shade will broadcast the image of the company. As each color has its own message and meaning, the more you learn about this critical design element, the more you will be able to leverage its powerful effects.

Brands And Color

In an appropriately titled study called Impact of Color in Marketing, researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgements made about products can be based on color alone (depending upon the product). And in regards to the role that color plays in branding, results from studies such as The Interactive Effects of Colors show that the relationship between brands and color hinges on the perceived appropriateness of the color being used for the particular brand (in other words, does the color "fit" what is being sold).

Color Preferences By Gender

There have been various studies through the years looking at the color preferences of men and women and whether there was a difference. More recently, Radeloff (1990) has found that women were more likely than men to have a favorite color. In expressing the preferences for light versus dark colors, there was no significant differences between men and women; however, in expressing the preference for bright and soft colors, there was a difference, with women preferring soft colors and men preferring bright ones.

Color and Sign Design

So does color play a part in the design of your signs? You bet. Your logo design should consider the impact that color will make and after being designed, should be carried out throughout all of your branding collateral, including of course, your signage. A great example of where color has had a huge impact on brand, is Tiffany and Co. There is not a female who doesn't recognize Tiffany's iconic blue color. The robin's egg blue was created for Tiffany's in 1845. Tiffany's is a great example of how color can be closely connected to logo and brand.

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