Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Announcing Our New Addition!

Our Big Addition/Edition

Vital Signs' New Addition

It is with great pride and big smiles that we announce the newest addition to the Vital Signs family. She arrived on December 20th, 2016. She's a big girl at 91" W x 33" D x 54" H and tips the scales at a mere 384 lbs. We haven't named her yet, but just call her HP Latex 315 for now.

As all proud parents do, we must boast about her incredible capabilities. But first, for those of you who may not know much about a latex printer or even what the significance of latex ink is compared to any other kind of printer ink, let me explain:

What Is Latex?

Latex is a generic chemical term that, Wikipedia, refers to as a "stable dispersion (2 or more liquids that are normally unblendable) of polymer microparticles in an aqueous medium". Basically, plastic-like particles of pigment suspended in a water-based solution. To make it simple,when it comes to very large format printers, there are 3 basic types (Aqueous Inkjet; Solvent Inkjet and UVBased). They are categorized according to the types of inks they use.

So What's So Special About Latex Inks?

With the ever-growing focus on environmentally-friendly products and monitoring the size of our carbon footprints, latex printers and their inks are a great choice for moving away from the use of a solvent ink system. Obviously, the latex ink will not give off much in the way of harmful vapors, nor do the substrates used with a latex printer require ultra violet light exposure to dry. The inks cure very quickly and the prints come out of the printer already dry and do not require out-gassing, so no special ventilation required. Nor does our baby have any hazardous waste output. Not every parent can say that.

Bragging Points

So Many Printing Possibilities

Okay, we can't help ourselves, we have to tell you about what our new baby can do. Excuse us for gushing. There are just so many wonderful points to make about her versatility. For instance, she can print on a large variety of substrates.
  • Banners
  • Self-Adhesive Vinyls
  • Films
  • Papers
  • Wallcoverings
  • Canvas
  • Synthetics
  • Fabrics
  • Vehicle Graphics/Wraps
  • Advertising Wraps
  • Floor Graphics

Noticeable Achievements


Did I mention that our little girl has already snagged some pretty prestigious certifications at her young age? Yes, she has already attained the Energy Star Rating, as well as, her Greenguard Gold Certification (Greenguard certifies air quality while in use).Yes,we're awfully proud of her. And just like all parents in our tech-driven society who plug in the latest baby monitors or coolest apps, our kiddo is smartly connected as well. She enables us to receive helpful consumable alerts while remotely monitoring her print job status. That means no babysitter for us! 

We Know What She Is Up To At All Times!

Her Output Makes Us Gasp!

Big, Bold COLOR!

All proud parents beam and brag at the creative art pieces their young-uns produce, and we are no different, we gasp with delight each time we see her finished creation! Our HP315 truly adds to the great impression and reputation that Vital Signs has built with it's customers. With vivid-high quality prints and project output,our customers can count on big, life-like color. Not only that, with the HP 315's newer technology, the prints offer greater scratch and abrasion resistance. With the HP 315 we are able to produce up to 54" prints.

Latex Versatility

As mentioned above, there are a large variety of substrates that our HP can do. Her top applications include: Banners; Soft Signage; Vehicle Graphics and other Indoor/Outdoor applications.

LOL (Love Our Latex)

If you would like us to "show off" what our new addition can do for you, please give Vital Signs a call today. We know you will share our excitement when you see your finished project!!

We're Waiting For Your Call! 

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Please Meet Our 4th Quarter Build Your Brand Winner!

Let Me Introduce You

Drumroll please! 

With typical Vital Signs enthusiasm, I would like to introduce our Vital Signs Build Your Brand ~ 4th Quarter Winner, Dorit Sasson.

Dorit With Her Canvas

Not only does she have a cool name, she is a writer and published author. Dorit Sasson is the founder of Giving Voice To Your Courage, a website and podcast which was created for the combined purposes of providing writing tips to writers and for inspiring readers to be courageous in their life endeavors.

Dorit inspires others to take risks and work from a courageous heart at various speaking events across the country. Dorit recently published a memoir: Accidental Soldier: A Memoir of Service and Sacrifice in the Israel Defense Forces, and will soon be releasing her new book, SAND AND STEEL. Dorit is a content strategist and copywriter through her blog, guest blogs and podcast appearances. To learn more about Dorit and her work, please visit her site:

What Did She WIN?

Custom Printed Stretched Canvas

Dorit won an 18' x 24' printed & stretched canvas. Dorit will be able to help promote her new book SAND AND STEEL at various events with this custom printed canvas displaying her book cover.

Vital Signs Can Help Brand Your Business Too!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

To DIE For...

Or To Rotary Die Cut For..

Today I will throw a little sign lingo at you. I would like to present the idea of Die Cutting. In the sign world, that means cutting a very precise shape for various sign types. We typically see the square, oval, rectangle and round shapes for signs most of the time. But thinking outside the box and incorporating a new creative sign shape can take your sign to the next level.

For Example..

We have a client that requires a wayfinding sign to direct customers to their restaurant. We could easily make a very simple square sign pointing the way. But instead, we have proposed a sign with a Pittsburgh city-scape (across the top of the sign) die-cut into the design of the sign. What could be a ho-hum sign now has added eye-catching visual interest.

A Small Replica Of The Pittsburgh Duquesne Incline

Depending upon the sign type and it's intended use, we can use a die-cut shape for a large variety of signs. We have created die-cut magnetic signs for ourselves, as well as other customers.

Die Cut Magnetic Car Sign

Go Bold Or Go Home

Yes your signs should call attention to themselves. In a world where we are on visual overload wherever we look, it is important for your signs to stand out in the crowd. Die-cutting shapes can be that differentiator that you are looking for. Why settle for ordinary when you can have die-cut cool?!

Call Vital Signs TODAY!!

The Vital Signs Team is here waiting for your call. We are happy to brainstorm a design that will be sure to get your sign noticed!

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

When Bad Things Happen To Good Signs

It Happens..

Tagged With Graffiti

Whether it is a deliberate act of vandalism or an unexpected weather event, signs get damaged. There is nothing more frustrating than discovering that your business sign has been damaged beyond recognition. More than the frustration of receiving sign damage, is the expense of replacing the damaged sign with a new one. Frequently, we see business owners who did not even give much thought to establishing their first business sign, much less a replacement sign. Purchasing signs, whether at the beginning of a business or after a sign mishap, can be a pricey proposition.

A Victim of  Spray Paint

The Good News

The good news is that most businesses will have insurance coverage of their sign(s) either through a Business Owners Policy, or from a policy which covers the building or business personal property/building contents. This coverage is typically between $5000.00 ~ $10,000, but can be increased as needed. 

Prevention Of Damage

Depending upon the type of sign that we are fabricating, there are some preventative measures that will help to avoid having to replace a sign if the sign has been vandalized.  For instance, one of our customers is a very large school district.  As we all know, the combination of kids, free time and spray paint can yield an undesired outcome of "tagged" signage. For those environments, we frequently apply an anti-graffiti coating to most of the signs we install.

Laminate Can Be Sprayed On or Applied As A Vinyl Laminate

For certain types of signage we can apply an Anti-Graffitti laminate over the top of the sign-face. It looks no different than a sign that does not have a laminate finish. An anti-graffiti laminate allows the sign owner to simply wipe off the spray paint that was sprayed on top of the sign. There is an extra charge to apply this specialty laminate over the sign-face, but the added expense is far less than having to bear the cost of a full sign replacement. In certain locations that may be prone to a large amount of vandalism, it may be prudent to add an anti-graffiti laminate where possible.

Wiping Off Spray Paint On A Sign With Anti-Graffiti Coating

Additionally, we can use tamper-proof hardware and sign covers when necessary. There is no full-proof way to ensure that a sign(s) will not be tagged or taken. Having insurance is the best way to ensure that you are able to replace a sign(s) if needed.

We Can Help!

Not sure if you need an anti-graffiti coating for your signs? We are happy to evaluate your sign location(s) and discuss available options for designing your sign(s). 


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