Monday, January 4, 2016

Decorating With Letters & Signs

Who Knew?

Well apparently lots of people knew and still do. With the ever exploding world of Television Home Interior Design Shows and internet sites, using "signs" and letters for interior design is more popular than ever. Why is it that the popularity of lit dimensional letters and funky fonts is more in demand than ever?
Marquee Letter E

Perhaps it is because the idea of using signs or letters in the context of residential design (or even commercial design) is so unexpected.  Whether the look is a shabby chic or couture sleek, using signs and letters in room designs work!

Sleek Design With Slender Dimensional Letter X (featured on
White Marquee Letters Used In Words

Marquee Madness..

One can visit just about any craft store or home store these days and find a variety of letter types, both lit and not. Marquee letters are particularly popular right now. Most of the easily available letters available in stores are a very simple font. For custom letters/symbols, Vital Signs can help. 
Word Made With A Star Symbol

Dimensional Nursery Alphabet Wall

Directional Sign Design

Vintage Neon Cowboy & Marquee Letters
Backlit Dimensional Letter

Every interior designer (professional or amateur) knows that the design of a room or theme has a certain feel. Each design choice (small or large) for a room has it's place in pulling the entire space together. This is also true, for the use of dimensional letters/words/symbols used in a design. There are literally thousands of fonts to choose from. But finding the right font for a room's design can make or break the design impact. Vital Signs is happy to work with you in finding the perfect sign letter(s), word or symbol. A touch of custom design always adds an unmistakable polish to a room.

Sign Letters WORK!

As you can see from the images here, sign letters/words/symbols; vintage signs/neon and even signs themselves, work well in a room's design. Clearly, they make a bold statement. Weather that bold statement is a fun, whimsical or sophisticated message will depend on the design of the rest of the room.  Vital Signs can help execute your design vision. Because of our diverse design and manufacturing capabilities, we offer many artistic products to compliment your design aesthetic. Let's brainstorm the creative possibilities!

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