Monday, September 12, 2016

The Season I Hate Most!

The Climate Is Horrible

Typical Political Campaign Sign

We all have our favorites when it comes to all of the seasons we experience each calendar year. But there is one season that I hate, no matter which date it falls on. That is..the Political Season. It is no surprise to anyone who knows me, that I dislike few things more than I dislike politics. Sadly, it has nothing to do with the political signs that we design and produce at Vital Signs. But to be safe, I will not open that can of worms here.

What Is The Law In Pennsylvania?

To Use Or Not To Use...

Instead I thought it might be helpful to take a look at what the statute says in Pennsylvania regarding the use of campaign signs. Pennsylvania statute (181.1) requires that campaign signs that are approved by a candidate or campaign must have a line that states that the sign is authorized by the candidate. Alternatively, if the sign is not authorized by the campaign, the sign should say so. 

Where Can Campaign Signs Be Placed?

In terms of sign placement, Pennsylvania does not allow signs to be placed within a room where voting is being held statute 1220 (c) . Also, according to a recent Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Signage Brochure, signs should not be placed in the public right-of-way, including utility poles. PennDot is legally required to remove signs that violate this law--owners will receive a warning that the sign must be removed, after which the sign will be confiscated and fees of up to $500.00 may be assessed.

Campaign Signs En Masse

Do Campaign Signs Really Work Anyway?

According To A Recent Study...

The answer is Yes! 

A recent study by Vanderbilt University's Cindy Kam and Elizabeth Zechmeister suggests that they do. In the study, the scholars placed four large signs for the imaginary school board candidate "Ben Griffin" on a street where roughly half of the parents passed each day as they drove their children to and from school. Three days after the signs were put up, the local PTA surveyed parents about their preferences in the upcoming school board election. The survey results indicated that parents who drove along the street where signs were placed were ten percent more likely to say that Ben Griffin was one of their top three choices for the position. The huge difference in favorability for Ben Griffin between those who saw the signs and those who didn't, suggests that campaign signage is a viable way for candidates to build name recognition.

So there you have it..political campaign signs do work..even if they can have a tendency to be placed in crowed areas. In any event, Vital Signs is happy to produce your single or double-sided campaign signs no matter who your candidate is.

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Someone Forgot To Look At The Proof

What Is A Proof Anyway?

So what is a proof in the first place? As defined in the FAQ on the Vital Signs website: A proof is a visual image of a customer's sign design sent via email, fax or given to the customer by hard copy prior to the project production.

We like to think of it as "sign insurance" for both our staff and our customers. A proof is a customer's physical opportunity to review what their sign/custom graphics project will look like as presented on paper before it is actually produced.

Actual Proof For A Grand Format Banner For Convention Center

Speak Up Now Or Forever Hold Your Opinion

Reviewing a proof is the time when the customer should take a critical review of ALL of the design details. Is there a misspelling? Is the font choice correct? What about the color? Is the color correct or does it match a specific color in the customer's logo? Is there enough color contrast? Is the design layout how you want people to view it? What about the size..should it be smaller, larger or is it just right? Does it elicit the impression that you wish others to receive about your company?

It Helps Your Sign Manufacturer Too

Proofs = Quality Control

Any good sign/graphics company will have a proof process in place, not only for the sake of the customer, but also for their own in-house quality control purposes. Afterall, we want to make sure that we have dotted all of our i's and crossed our T's as they say. While we follow an additional informal quality control process in-house, the proof process is extra insurance for us and ensures that the customer receives exactly what they asked for and approved.

Custom Sign Project

Let's Not Go Here

Creating custom signs and graphics can be a pricey proposition. A mistake in the final project output can be a costly one. A mistake, I might add, that neither the customer or the sign/graphics manufacturer wish to pay for. From the customer's standpoint, it is often felt that the sign/graphics producer should "fix" their mistake. From the sign/graphics production standpoint, it is always felt that the proof process is in place for exactly this avoid costly mistakes. It is the customer's opportunity and responsibility to address any problems or mistakes PRIOR to producing  a custom project. Afterall, most, if not all sign or graphics projects are custom projects that cannot be re-sold to others. So as you can see, paying close attention to a project proof is essential for the customer to avoid any project mistakes or "mistake ownership" discussions.

If someone forgets to look at the proof, make sure it's not you!

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