Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Have Halo, Will Travel!

Does Your Business Wear A Halo?

Reverse-Lit Channel Letters

Most brick and mortar businesses have a business identification sign placed upon their business. Very often the location, landlord and municipal rules and regulations dictate the type of sign which is allowed for a business. Aside from the issue of what type of signage is allowable, is the consideration of which type of signage will draw the most attention to the business. Specifically, I would like to talk about the use of "Halo" Back-Lit Channel Letters.

Halo Lighting In All Of It's Glow-ry...

I suppose I should start by explaining what Halo Lit Letters (also known as Reverse Lit Channel Letters are.) Reverse-lit channel letters consist of aluminum faces and sides (returns) mounted with spaces to stand away from the wall. The LED's or neon illumination project onto the wall surface giving the sign a halo (glow) effect.

Reverse-Lit Halo Letters With Orange Glow

Where Are Halo Letters Used?

Interior Reverse-Lit (Halo) Channel Letters

Most often a business will use Reverse-Lit Halo Letters on the exterior of a business, though Halo Letters are becoming a popular choice for interior wall signage/decor as well.

Firstly, let me explain that a "channel" letter refers to a custom-made metal or plastic letter commonly used in signage to affix a business name to a building. The channel portion of the letter is where the LED or neon lighting is contained. The faces of traditional channel letters are translucent.

What Is The Difference Between A Reverse-Lit Channel Letter And A Typical Channel Letter?

For the purpose of simplicity I will explain a Reverse-Lit Halo Channel Letter like this: Consider two aluminum letters the same size that will be used on the exterior of a building. Both have either LED or neon lights contained inside of the letter, though one letter (the traditional channel letter) has a solid back which covers the exterior letter shape. The Halo Reverse/Back-Lit Letter typically has aluminum faces and returns (sides) with a clear back covering which allows the light to shine out (glow) from the back of the letter onto the surface on which it is placed.

Dramatic Color Statement

What Color Is Your Halo?

Halos vary in terms of width (i.e. the distance behind the letter that the halo "fans out.") Ideally, the halo will form an "illumination bed" against which the letters will be outlined. A halo which combines both brightness and appropriate width can create a dramatic illumination effect (this is especially true when various lighting colors are used.) The mounting distance of the letters from the facade will dictate the amount of illumination that is seen.

One of the positive benefits of halo lighting is that they stand out at night and can be seen from great distances. Also, there are various combination effects that can be created with halo lighting which can offer some dramatic and memorable branding effects. Most folks assume that white is the only color that can be used for Reverse-Lit Halo Letters, but many colors can be used and can allow a business to match their branding color scheme.

When Should Halo Letters Be Used?

Dramatic Night Lighting

The answer depends. It depends upon what type of business one has. Does the business lend itself to dramatic night lighting such as a restaurant which wants to draw evening customers? Would Halo Lighting enhance the sign and business brand? Is the environment and location appropriate or necessary for such sign branding? Will the special effects of your Halo Letters make your business stand out among all other nearby businesses? And of course, is Halo lighting allowed by all of the necessary authorities and decision-makers?

Halo lighting can be a design differentiator in attracting potential customers to your business. If you need help in determining whether Halo Lit Channel Letters are right for your business, please give Vital Signs a call today. We are happy to explain all of the options and help get your business maximum exposure!

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