Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Need Signs?

Obtaining signage for your business or event does not have to be a hassle. In fact, we work hard to make the process easy for you. There are considerations to think about when obtaining signage.

Some of the sign details and questions you should consider when planning for your sign(s) are listed below:

  • Where will my sign be used (Interior or Exterior)?
  • What type of sign material should I use (soft or hard)?
  • Do I want a basic sign, high-end sign or something in between?
  • Budget.. What can I afford to spend on signage?
  • Do I need to consider the cost/financing of my signage before I start a business?
  • How do I want the sign mounted?
  • What surface will the sign be mounted to?
  • What type of mount do I need? Hidden or Decorative.
  • How high on the building/surface will my sign be mounted?
  • How long do I need this sign to last?
  • What size/shape do I want/need the sign to be?
  • Do I need a single- sided or double- sided sign?
  • Do I want an illuminated, non-illuminated or indirectly luminated sign?
  • Are there landlord sign guidelines in my lease?
  • Am I required to comply with a franchise sign design?
  • Do I have the occupancy permit for my business location?
  • Do I have a logo for my business?
  • Do I have a design for my sign?
  • Do I need a designer or can I work with your design staff?
  • How many colors do I want to use?
  • Do I want to use a specific font/text for my sign?
  • Do my colors need to be very specific? (PMS/Pantone color chart)

Not sure about the answers to these questions? Give us a call! We will be happy to discuss all of the details with you, make suggestions and brainstorm the possibilities! 

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