Monday, November 4, 2019

Does FUNNY Sell?

When Signs Make You Laugh

In the past I have written about whether a funny business name helps to make a business successful. Today, however, I will pose the question, does a funny changeable message on a sign have an impact on one's business?

We frequently pass by a local (Big Guys Pizza) in Bridgeville, PA. Their sign cracks me up every time I pass it (and that's saying a lot when you're a sign professional who deals with signage daily).

Medical Marinara..Yes, Please

The First Time I Saw It...

I thought it was hysterical! There on the sign was the message: Now Selling Medical Marinara. Insert..'rolling on the floor laughing' emoji. Of course, one immediately understands the humor of a pizza establishment using lots of Marinara Sauce for their menu offerings. But the correlation of the message to the use and current debates of "Medical Marijuana" in many communities cannot be missed and why it especially makes the sign message funny.

So does it really work? The answer is my opinion. While I am not looking at a sign study that proves it, I do know that a good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself. Advertising messages are supposed to be impactful and clever, but not overpowering.

Do Funny & Clever Messages Change One's Perception Of A Brand?

Most Animals & Owners Can Relate To This

I absolutely think so, because the business has reached the viewer on an unconscious level. These messages use various colors, shapes, images or words which enable customers or potential customers to make small but powerful associations between a brand and an intended meaning.

Indian Hills Community Center

Yes..It's Funny!

And let's face it, our culture is so frequently bombarded with negative news stories, maniacal politics and the like, that quite frankly, we enjoy seeing a humorous sign message that makes us laugh or smile. And..if the business owner is really savvy, like the Indian Hills Community Center in Colorado, they have realized that the regular & consistent use of humor in their messages, has built a following in the community, 'Drive-by-ers' and established or potential customers look forward to seeing each new message. Can that translate to increased business? You bet it can. Of course the food, product or service of the business has to have raging fans and keep customers coming back for more. But the bottom line is that these messages are funny and funny equals memorable and often, brand-building and socially shareable.

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