Wednesday, January 15, 2020

What's Your 20?

Your 2020 Sign Budget That Is..

Or perhaps I should say, do you have a sign budget at all? It's that time of year folks. It is the beginning of a new year where your trusted professionals at Vital Signs remind you that it is critical to do an annual (if not on-going) sign/advertising review and/or possible update of your business branding/signage.

As busy business owners caught up in the day-to-day management of running a business and all that goes with it (not to mention the other outside life events that occur), a signage and visual branding review is easy to push aside when things get busy.

Though signs and sign budgets can sometimes seem like a less than critical business priority, nothing could be further from the truth. The updated and current visual daily branding of a business often serves as the lifeblood and bottom line of the business.

Effective Sign Advertising Builds Business

In today's advertising and media-driven climate, every business should be maximizing every advertising opportunity at their disposal within the bounds of their business budget!

Sign Details To Consider When Establishing A Sign Review And Budget 

  • Sign(s) Condition: What shape is/are your existing signs in? Are your signs in dis-repair or showing serious signs of aging? Do they have vinyl peeling or do they appear faded, weathered, worn or worse? Are parts of your lit sign(s) burnt out or not working at all?
Has Your Sign Seen Better Days Like This One?

  • Impression: What type of impression does your sign(s) leave with viewers? Do your signs and visual branding have big, colorful and instant impact? Is the sign design attractive or outdated for 2020? Is the message what you intended? Be very critical in your assessment of your signage/visual branding.  Are your signs screaming for a facelift? Does your sign(s) design reflect your business in the way that you want customers to see/think about your business?
Proof Your Signs Carefully To Ensure The Right Message Is Sent

  • Functionality: Is your sign bringing you business? Do you have enough signage/graphic advertising throughout your entire space to ensure that your marketing message is received in the way that you want it to be? Does your visual branding work for you 24/7
Is This Message Working 24/7 For This Bank?

  • Location(s): Are your signs placed in the most strategic location(s) of your business space? Are there additional locations within and without your business footprint that would increase viewer exposure from a different vantage point? Or perhaps adding new creative signage ideas not currently being utilized, such as: Ceiling danglers; floor graphics, sidewalk graphics or advertising wraps (on walls or objects).
Lights, Lights, Lights And Location!

  • The Right Sign For The Job: Do you have the correct sign for the job? That is, maybe when first starting your business, you desired a large monument sign with a changeable LED message center, but could only afford a post and panel sign. Or perhaps your company has developed a company-wide environmentally-friendly philosophy that you would like to extend to your signage and advertising graphics. The world of digital graphics and signage is dynamic and constantly exploding the market with new and innovative sign products for every taste and budget.
A Well-Chosen Post And Panel Sign That Fits The Neighborhood Aesthetic

The Bottom Line

The reality is that the physical review of your signage/advertising/graphics is only part of the sign review process. The true assessment of whether your signs/advertising are working for you, is looking at the financial health of your business. Are your visual advertising efforts adding or subtracting from your bottom line? Reinventing or refreshing your business brand and signs, costs money and takes time. The return on your investment however, can be far greater than the time and expense extended to upgrade them.

Can't Replace Them All At Once?

No worries. Let us help. We sign folk will be the first to tell you that signage can be costly, but we can help your prioritize your signage/graphic needs. The Vital Signs Design Team is happy to sit down with you and develop a sign plan with different phases to meet your needs. We can even offer sign financing through some of our leasing partners. Buying signage can kind of be like dieting and losing weight... we don't want to suffer through the efforts, but are glad when we have a success story to tell. If you've taken the time to create financial goals to increase your income by growing your business, then you have included a marketing path to help get you there. Signs/visual branding should always be a part of that plan! Vital Signs is happy to help you evaluate your current signage/advertising and brainstorm the possibilities!

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