Thursday, July 9, 2015

Good Sign, Bad Location!

Poor Visibility

We see it all the time in the sign business. We are contacted by a customer who needs a sign or a few of them for their business. When we arrive at their location, it immediately becomes apparent that the business is not in the optimal location for maximum branding visibility. So what is the answer?
Short of moving the business location, how does a customer deal with a less than visible advertising space for their brick and mortar location?

We Can Help

This is the time when we apply our Vital Signs knowledge of various sign types, advertising trends and new products to determine the best branding options for our customer(s). Of course, this knowledge is applied after careful consideration of the city or township permitting laws and the landlord specifications/guidelines, which can also contribute to branding challenges.

We do our absolute best to consider every branding option that we can identify on site. The design of the sign application(s) also becomes especially important in these troublesome business branding locations. For example, we may need to utilize an applied design to the front business windows of a business. We have the perfect perforated vinyl media which provides big color ads to the outside viewer, while still allowing the inside staff and occupants to see out the window.
Using Business Windows To Capture Attention

It may be necessary to bring the ad message outside and away from the building in the form of a brand-popping A Frame Sign. 

Other Challenges..

In some cases the surface of a business property can present complications in the types of hardware or applications which can be secured to it's surface.In these situations, it is necessary to look at several variables which will affect the sign. We must consider the weight of a sign; the size and orientation of the sign; the material the sign is made from; the wind load; the type of hardware used to install the sign; the manner in which the sign will need to be installed and of course, the sign's physical location on the building surface.

The Message

The message is that the Vital Signs Install Team routinely sees these both challenging and quirky visibility and install challenges. Our experienced team can find the perfect solution for your business.

Let us take a look. We are happy to come out to your business location to provide a free consultation and estimate.

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