Monday, July 17, 2017

Murals of Change

What A Difference A Splash Of Color Makes!

Colorful Mosaic Wall Mural

It's amazing what a difference a mural can make to a room. Vital Signs recently had the chance to create a mural for a study room at Seton Hill University. The building itself is very old with breath-taking wood-work throughout. So how do you upgrade an older room with a modern look? With a colorful mural of course! 

Words To Live By

The Seton Hill University Mission Statement

The talented design firm, KMA Design created a mosaic starburst of color guaranteed to transport the room into a contemporary and inviting study space. And indeed it did! With a few more contemporary additions, like the mission statement and frosted vinyl added to the transom window, the space is complete.

Frosted Vinyl On The Transom Window

We'll Have One Of Those..

The Vital Signs Owners liked the mural so much that we decided to put one in our home. We opted to re-live one of our fondest memories of visiting Venice, Italy two years ago. What a change a mural can make to a room.It transports us back to Venice every day! The best part is that the media we use to print on, can be as temporary as you want it. With a variety of easy-to-remove materials, we can peel it right off the wall without any evidence it was ever there. The medias that we use are particularly well-suited for apartments and wall surfaces that you don't want to damage with hardware.

Re-living Venice..every day!

And We'll Make One For You Too!

If you would like to transport your space, please give us a call. The Vital Signs Design team will be happy to create a one-of-a-kind focus wall to your residence or work space.

We're Waiting For Your Call!

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