Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Exhibit Professionalism

Make The Right Impression

Another day, another tradeshow. Same ol', same ol'. Well, not anymore! There was a time when a simple banner on a pull-up banner stand set up at a tradeshow was the norm for everyone. 

Times have changed within the graphics and signage industries. Along with those changes have come an explosion of cool, colorful and creative tradeshow exhibits.

Large  Extra Wide Banner Stand

You Decide..We'll Design, Print & Fabricate

There is no excuse for ordinary anymore. If you are going to put your product or business out there for the world to see, go big or go home. There are endless possibilities for your choices of tradeshow eye candy.

The important thing to remember, is that your tradeshow display is an investment into your business. People often forget that the initial front-end expense of a tradeshow exhibit (and they can be costly) can pay big dividends over time.

Fun, Table-top Banner Stand in Different Sizes

What Does Your Tradeshow Display Say About Your Business?

Your marketing collateral speaks volumes about your product or company. What kind of impression would your business card make if each time you handed it to someone, the name of the printer who provided the cards to you for free, was printed in the corner of each card?

Would it say that your company is a successful company? This is equally true of a cheaply made banner stand or shoddy tradeshow exhibit. You don't even have to be a sign professional to spot a flimsy banner stand that is likely to break after a few uses. The bottom line is that it sends the wrong message about you and your company.

Custom Stretch Table Throw

Do It Right Or Not At All

If you can only afford the cheapest banner stand you can find..just wait. Keep saving your marketing dollars until you can purchase the display that will best represent you and your company/product at it's best. Don't take a chance of making the first and lasting wrong impression.

Hanging Rectangle Display

Hanging Square Display

Tiered Ring Hanging Display

The Good News

The good news is that Vital Signs is here to walk you through the process of finding the tradeshow exhibit that will best represent you and your product/company. Our designers are ready to brainstorm the design possibilities with you.

Large Master Exhibit With Over-head Lighting

Customizing your display is what we do best. We were recently contacted by a customer who had an idea for a tradeshow display, but did not know if it could be done. After discussing the idea with our customer, our design team came up with a solution to create a one-of-a-kind color-change display.

This unique project has a remote-controlled color changer. The color, speed and mode of presentation (fade, constant, strobe, etc.) are easily changeable. Vital Signs created an acrylic box with stand-off clips attached to the box to hold the 3 individual signs. This double-sided display can function as part of a tradeshow exhibit, be used on a surface (when not at the tradeshow) or can easily be hung, if the customer chooses.

We think that this project turned our great and so did our customer!

Let Vital Signs Help Design Your Tradeshow Exhibit!

One More Thing...

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