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How You (The Customer) Can Help Us!

Let's Be Partners

You need a sign(s) and we make signs..so we already have the makings of a great pairing. But there are several other key variables that could serve to make this partnership succeed with flying colors. For instance, many customers come to us with only a vague idea of the type of sign(s) they need. Some have given little thought to what types of signage they may require; what the design will look like, etc. 

This post is written for our customers who need guidance with sign planning. One of the documents that Vital Signs has compiled, is Sign Details To Consider. This resource asks important questions for you the customer, to consider when contemplating the purchase of signage. If you can go through our list and answer the Sign Detail questions, than you have already helped us immensely in starting to understand your signage needs.

Technology Apps


There are very few of us that do not have a cell phone these days. It doesn't matter whether you have an Apple or a Droid. And for those of us who are ...hmmm...let's just call it, 'Empty Nester' age or somewhere in that neighborhood, we thought that all of these "apps" are for the younger generations. Not! I want to tell you about a few apps that can help you (and us) in determining your signage needs.

For example, you need a sign for your business and just happened to drive by a business in a nearby city or even on vacation and saw a design that would be perfect for your type of sign. Stop the car! It only takes a moment to hop out of the car & utilize the camera on your phone to take a snapshot or two of the sign(s) you like. 

We love it when our customers do this. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Having an image of what you would like helps move us in a direction. From that image, we can see the style or texture/material you like, possibly the colors you want, maybe the shape of the sign, whether it has lighting or not & what kind, or maybe just the feel or attitude of a sign (like the fun upscale grooming shop name/sign design below).  It also helps us to be able to check with your local city or township codes to see if your desired sign type is allowable.

Another Colorful Scenario

Let's consider an existing building that just got painted. You need to match your current sign to the building, but don't necessarily need or want the expense of a new sign, we simply need to match the paint color to a vinyl we intend to use for the sign face replacement. A few neat apps come to mind. There are paint color matching apps made by Sherwin Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, and others. So easy with just the push of a button, even I can do it.

Measurements Matter

We've all heard the phrase, size matters. It does, and especially so when talking about signs. Correct measurements for signs are critical. There are a few apps that make sign & site measurement easy. For instance, the I Handy Carpenter is a cool app that includes 5 tools in 1. Take a look;

Level With Me

  • Plumb Bob Level: Verifies the verticality of lines or walls.
  • Surface Level: The best tool to ensure that any surface is flat & level.
  • Bubble Level Bar: A digital level.
  • Ruler: Measures in inches & centimeters.
  • Protractor: A simple & fast way to measure angles from 0 - 180 degrees. 

Photo Measurement Too..

Can Add Measurements Right Onto The Image

There are at least a few or more photo measurement apps that are available for the click of a download. What makes this type of app especially useful to people (and Sign-makers) is that we have the ability to take a picture of an existing structure and add/draw measures right on the picture. Being able to measure dimensions, angles & areas in a photo is a huge time-saver. And sometimes our customers choose to do the legwork of obtaining their own sign permit. This type of app would be helpful to provide some of the necessary information needed for a sign permit application.

For most, if not all of our customers, Vital Signs utilizes email, phone & fax in the planning & during the communication period of the sign purchasing process. Some of these apps can be really helpful to both the customer and to us, your sign company of choice. There are literally thousands of apps and we have to be careful not to use all of our phone memory in putting them on our phones. But a few key apps can assist all of us greatly for both business and residential purposes. 

Face To Face

Vital Brainstorming

We still appreciate the opportunity to sit down with our customers and brainstorm your sign project. But a few apps along the way can save time and move the process along. Not to mention...they're just cool!

Don't Forget..

Hey..one more thing..don't forget to click on the TREASURE CHEST on the Vital Signs' Home Page for your opportunity to win our Build Your Brand GIVEAWAY! this quarter.

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