Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The WORD Is...

In Living Color

Monument Sign With A Digital Message Center

Everyone has a message, and churches have a lot of them. Of course the weekly verbal message on their day of worship is the most important one. But there are various other messages that are utilized in churches and synagogues which take on different forms.

Typically a church will have a building identification sign somewhere on the lawn outside of the church. It most often will be what the sign industry refers to as a monument sign. Usually, this is a larger sign which may or may not incorporate: Lights, Digital Messaging, Changeable Letters, etc. Did you know that Vital Signs can even match your monument sign to the same material that the church is built from? (Brick, Stone, Stucco, etc.)

Some churches may opt for a smaller, more modest post and panel type sign. There is a huge variety of the signage types and materials in which to choose from. Signs that incorporate a digital messaging center allow daily or weekly variability of posted messages and information. If digital messaging is in the sign budget, the sign will easily pay for itself over time. Digital messaging provides an on-going dialogue from the church to community and travelers passing by. It is an excellent way to invite the community in and build up church membership.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass Look-Alike Window

Churches with beautiful stained glass windows leave me in awe. No matter what church I am in, I always love the beauty of stained glass windows and the story they tell. But let's face it, not every church has the budget to put in expensive stained glass windows. But Vital Signs can provide an equally colorful and attractive economical version. 

Vital Signs has access to media that can be printed on and installed into the windows for a hard-to-tell-the-difference stained glass look-alike. 

Church Backdrops

Holiday Service Backdrops

The church that we attend and I know of others like it, offer modern and creative backdrops for specific events and holiday services. It doesn't get much more impactful than to have the church and choir singing a hymn backed up by a beautifully lit background. 

Youth, Fun And Fellowship

Door Wrap With Youth Group Event

What about other signage and custom graphics throughout the church facility? In addition to the typical room number signage; ADA/Braille signs and others, Vital Signs can produce door, floor and wall wraps and in general, spiritually-themed artwork wherever you need it. No one ever said that church graphics/signage needed to be fact...just the opposite!

A Contemporary Curved Wall Praise Message

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