Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Year..New Review

Sign Review..That Is

A new year..the time when we make personal New Year's Resolutions with the best of intentions. Sometimes we actually follow through and other times..well not so much. Why is that? Maybe it's because those New Year's resolutions typically revolve around personal and self changes and that can prove to be the supreme challenge for many of us.

But let's talk about your signs and visual branding. Do you typically think about how your visual identity represents your business each year? If you don't, you should! It is very common to be so consumed by the day-to-day operations of running a business that one can easily overlook the need to take a signage and visual branding review of your business.

So what should be included with an annual signage review? I'm glad you asked. 

Sign & Graphics Annual Review

1.  Condition: What shape is/are your sign(s) in? Are they in poor condition and need of repair? Do they have vinyl peeling or appear weathered and worn?

2.  Impression: What type of impression does your sign(s) leave with viewers? Does it have instant impact? Is the design attractive or outdated? Is the sign(s) presenting your business at it's best? What they say about first impressions is true.

3.  Functionality: Is your sign bringing you business? Does your signage work for you 24/7?

4.  Location: Is your signage placed in the most strategic location(s) of your business? Is there another location that would provide more viewer exposure or an additional location in which you could add more signage?

5.  Material: Are you using the best material(s) for your signage? For instance, perhaps you have an old wooden post & panel sign when you could be using a newer, more attractive and eco-friendly sign system. Is your sign(s) lit to advertise your business at night?

Never Underestimate The Importance Of Your Signs..

Signs are absolutely critical to your bottom line and the healthy operation of your cash flow. Sub-par signs can serve to function like a slow leak of profitability. Of course your signage and visual graphics don't need to be replaced every year, but one should definitely do an annual review to ensure that your business signs and graphics are serving the business in the highest manner possible.

Vital Signs Can Help!

A signage and graphics review doesn't take long to do. Vital Signs is happy to send someone over to help do a walk-through and review of your visual branding and make suggestions if necessary. At Vital Signs we understand how important your visual branding is to your bottom line. Give us a call today to schedule your New Year Sign Review!!

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