Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's A Sign!

A Post And Panel Sign

Time For A Bit O' Sign Lingo...

Upscale And Decorative Post And Panel  Business Identification Sign

We sign folk forget that not everyone uses the sign terms that we so easily throw around when talking to our customers and potential customers. If you're like most people, you might know that you need a sign, but may not have a good working knowledge of what sign type you need. Today, I would like to tell you about Post and Panel Signs.

What Is A Post And Panel Sign?

Post And Panel Sign Manufactured From A Frame Component System

Specifically, a Post and Panel Sign is a freestanding property identification; wayfinding or informational sign. There are various ways to fabricate this type of sign. Some materials can be pre-manufactured for P & P signs, such as extruded aluminum frames which have sign faces that attach to them.  There are also a variety of other different materials that can be used, such as wood.

Post And Panel Sign Constructed With Wooden Timber Posts

Post and Panel Sign Types & Uses:

Architectural Display Systems
Architectural Signs
Banner Frames
Banner Poles 
Monument Signs
Building Identification Signs
Campus Signs
Church & Community Reader Boards
Directory Signs
Kiosk Signs
Map Signs
Property Signs
Real Estate Signs
Resort Signs
Retail Store Signs
Slat Sign Systems
Traffic Signs
Yard Signs
Wayfinding Signs

What About The Sign Face On A Post & Panel Sign?

Post And Panel Sign With Carved Sign Face

So I have explained that the actual post(s) of a Post & Panel sign(s) can be manufactured from various materials, and the same is true for the sign face that is attached to the post(s). As with any other type of sign, understanding the exact location of the sign; length of time the sign is desired to last, as well as weather conditions and exposure, and consideration of the substrate which would be most appropriate to construct the sign face,  are all considerations in how the sign should be manufactured. Examples of different substrates include: Aluminum/Alumalite; MDO (Medium Density Overlay Board); Foam Core; HDU and LED Panels.

Is A Post And Panel Sign Right For My Location?

Large Post And Panel Sign With Gooseneck Lighting

The answer is ..let us take a look. Obviously, the business location and manner in which the business is situated will have a big impact on the sign type(s) that should be used. But there are also town/city/landlord guidelines which must be followed to ensure that your desired sign type is allowable. 

The Good News

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