Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Is Your Company Culture Reflected In Your Interior Design?

When Personality Matters..

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the settings in which your employees labor and toil on your behalf, should always reflect your company's personality. It's not just a brand thing either. Yes, you want your brand reflected in your decor, but it's more than just the products or services that you offer to your customers. Your personality and brand are a reflection of every interaction that people have with your company and that includes the employees or associates who serve your business, in addition to your customers.

It's Catching On

There is a mentality that smart companies (large and small) are learning: Happy employees equal increased productivity. Now more than ever, there is a top-down mindset of top company owners and officers who are paying attention to the design details of their brick and mortar places of business. By utilizing creative design in choosing comfortable furniture; designing cozy work spaces; right down to the fun sign/graphics/art on the walls or floors, they are helping to mold the company culture and working behaviors to increase collaboration and productivity among their employees.

Companies Who Get It

Google London

Google ..In Color

Two examples of companies (large & small) who have totally embraced their company culture and personality are: Google and Top Hat. I don't have to introduce you to Google since most everyone knows them. If you haven't ever had a chance to see a Google location, I would urge you to make friends with a "googler" and visit one somewhere. I blogged about my fun experience at the Ann Arbor, Michigan Google location. See my previous post: The Google Brand

Top Hat is a small boutique advertising agency located in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. I discovered this award-winning agency when doing my search for cool business interiors. Check out their pictures which were featured in the Pittsburgh's Coolest Offices segment in the Pittsburgh Business Times.It is evident that Top Hat is not only very creative with the branding collateral and services they offer, but also with their "Oh-So-Cool" fun interior!

Top Hat..Where Fun Happens Every Day!

Top Hat's Decision Tree

It Doesn't Have To Be Over-The-Top

I might add that interior company graphics/art do not have to be over-the-top to be cool (though that is my personal preference). Certainly a company's art and graphics should be creative, but in keeping with your company's image, brand and personality. A personality should answer the question, who am I/or are we. Your company's interior design and decor can help define your company's personality. Some businesses even tell their company's history or story with creative graphics and design elements.

We Can Help!

Whether your goal is to introduce your business personality to the world, motivate employees toward increased productivity or both, Vital Signs can brainstorm the possibilities with you. It is not always necessary to hire an interior designer to achieve the look and feel of your business. The Vital Signs design team is happy to work with you in identifying your design needs, large, small or somewhere in between. Give us a call today!

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