Monday, August 13, 2018

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When Magnetic Signs Won't Work On Your Car

A Fun Unistick Example

Many business owners like the option of branding their business vehicle(s) with the convenience of magnetic signage that can be easily removed when needed. But what happens when the vehicle surface(s) will not support magnetic material? Many later model vehicles are being fabricated with aluminum and plastic parts or pieces which magnetic material will not adhere to.

So What Is It?

Easily Sticks To The Car Door

Unistick is a unique peel and stick adherent that does not rely on magnets or static. For the business owner, it is an easy peel and stick solution which can be removed and re-applied hundreds of times. With it's anti-curl back coating and block-out features, Unistick is a great choice for car doors and bumper decals. Furthermore, Unistick leaves no residue and is water resistant. For businesses who rotate vehicles or their drivers, but need the ability to remove their vehicle graphics on demand, Unistick may be the perfect solution.

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